Poster competition to showcase the current vision of Engineers on National Engineers' Day


A poster competition on the 'Current Vision of Engineers' was organised on the occasion of 'National Engineers' Day'. A national seminar on the same topic preceded the competition on September 15, 2022.


Workshop on Industry-Academia-Professional Interface: Role of Law

The School of Law, Brainware University conducted a workshop on the transition of students from the academic to the professional field in law, 18th JANUARY, 2020. The students received invaluable information on how they can approach competitive exams for the Judiciary/Legal Services/Bank Services/Corporate Law Firms and also how to start off their legal careers as advocates at District courts and High Courts. Additionally, the guests also guided students who want to take up the path of researching or teaching.

The session started off with an introductory session by Dr. Kaushik Banerjee (Head of the Department) followed by the felicitation ceremony of the guests by the students. The first lecture was delivered by Dr. Shashinath Mondal, Associate Professor, Hoogly Mohsin College, University of Burdwan who spoke about the importance of studying statutes and case laws. He guided the students on how to bring about an overall growth in their progress. He focused on the skill of language and writing. The next guest for the day, Dr. Durgapada Das, Ex. Chief Police Prosecutor, Calcutta, spoke to the students on the skill of cross-examination in criminal law. The student’s received first-hand knowledge of a court-room scene. It was a highly interactive session.

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It was a time of great creativity and mind blowing innovations as Brainware University celebrated its techfest, Texibition2K19 at its Barasat campus, on the 28th of February and the 1st of March 2019. Texibition is an annual science and technology festival of BWU that hosts a plethora of events including exhibitions, workshops and competitions. Coinciding with the National Science Day, Texibition2K19 was observed with great energy and vitality. Professor (Dr.) Barun Roychowdhury, HOD, Department of Physics, Presidency University and Professor (Dr.) Shyamal Chakrabarty, Department of Chemistry, Raja Bazar Science College, graced the occasion as chief guests to speak on and elucidate to the audience the contributions of Sir C.V. Raman to the field of science and the social responsibility of science for the betterment of society. Honorable Chancellor, Honorable Vice Chancellor along with Professor (Dr.) Debashis De, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MAKAUT, WB inaugurated the event.

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Tech-Quiz 2019

To indulge students in group activities and impart knowledge through competition, a Tech Quiz was organised by Brainware Group of Institutions in association with Vani Institute on 28 March 2019. It included two sessions running simultaneously. The students of EE & ECE Department participated in the first session. It was a tough fight posed between the two, but finally the former grabbed the title of the champions. The participants of ECE were declared the runners up. In the second session, renowned faculty, Mr. Abdul Bari addressed the students. It was attended by the CSE Department. The event was an immensely successful one!

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Seminar on Sir Hicky and His Life


It was the first seminar organized by the dept. of Journalism, Mass Communication and Media Science on February 27, 2020. Our eminent speaker, Mr. Biplab Kumar Chandra, a research scholar, elucidated how James Augustus Hicky came to India overcoming several hardships and succeeded in starting his first newspaper in India. The participating students were enlightened on how Hicky carried the printing press to Calcutta and initiated the first Indian printed newspaper “the Bengal Gazette”. Mr. Chandra also introduced Sir. Hicky in a very different way where students and other guests came to know about his life and how Hicky sowed the seeds of his newspaper business leaving behind several careers from a clerk, to a doctor, to a ship businessman! The seminar was really helpful for the students of Journalism, Mass Communication and Media Science departments where they learned to see Hicky and his work from a different perspective.

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Seminar on Radio Saves Life and Re-Unites People

Launching a new start-up is always a moment of pride. You feel an overwhelming sense of relief that all those years of hard work and innovation have finally borne fruit. However since life isn’t always a fairy tale, new start-up owners often have to deal with several legal and ethical measures that have been put in place in order to ensure that the markets expand in a healthy fashion. To provide a helping hand to our students looking to start a new business venture, Brainware University in association with Institution Innovation Cell organised a seminar to discuss how to establish and manage the ethical and legal side of things. Our guest speaker reminded students that their success shouldn’t come at the cost of inflicting harm on others so for any business to progress it needs to have a strong ethical perspective. It was enjoyable to hear such insights and the students received a lot of important pointers. We hope to see them as successful entrepreneurs in the future.

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Seminar on Gender Equality and Development: Present Scenario in Indian Context

Apart from academics, Brainware University has always considered its responsibility to educate its students and spread awareness about matters of social relevance and importance. In keeping up with this ideal the University’s Gender Sensitization Cell organized a seminar on Gender Equality and Development: Present scenario in Indian context at its Barasat campus on June 27, 2019. The program got underway with Vice Chancellor, Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey introducing the topic to the audience which was followed by Guests of Honor Dr. Sudipta Sarkar, HOD of Rural Development Studies, University of Kalyani and Prof. (Dr.) Isita Lahiri, Department of Business Administration, University of Kalyani, who gave a detailed presentation on the situation of discrimination towards especially women and gender bias prevalent in our country in recent times. Dr. Lahiri went to the root of the topic in her investigation of the popular gender roles and cultures prevalent and their ramifications and how we should combat them. On the other hand Dr. Sarkar elucidated on the various social and political measures taken by our country in trying to achieve women emancipation and empowerment. The session was a real eye-opener as the attending audiences were privy to some bitter truths about our society and were urged to do their part in trying to eradicate this massive problem.

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Seminar on Electronics c2c


Attitude, sincerity and devotion are the keys to success”. This is how Mr. Chandan Ghosh, Business Executive Officer, NESTLE, Equatorial Africa, inspired the students of ECE department in his lecture on ‘ELECTRONICS C2Cʼ. To bridge the gap between campus to corporate, he encouraged them to be more professional and committed in their approach. He emphasized on the development of a positive frame of mind. Mr. Ghosh guided the students with his valuable inputs on remedial measures. The session was enjoyed by the students.

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Seminar on Data Modelling: Challenges and Solutions

Keeping up with the paradigm shift in education in the new decade, Brainware University had organized a one –day seminar on “Data Modelling: Challenges and Solution”, on the 25th of January, 2020, at its Barasat campus. Conducted by the department of Computer Science and Engineering, this was an opportunity for the students to see, learn and understand the recent trends in technologies in the professional field. Under the guidance of chief guest Prof (Dr.) Sankhayan Choudhury, University of Calcutta, the students of Diploma, B.Tech and M.Tech learnt about the application of Data Modelling in the modern industrial situations. Dr. Choudhury illustrated how Data Modelling helps in the visual representation of data and enforces business rules, regulatory compliances, and government policies on the data. He also stressed on the fact that data models emphasize on what sort of data is needed and how they should be organized instead of what operations need to be performed on the data. Newer technologies are the order of the day and this seminar made way for a highly enriching session for both the students and the faculties present.

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Seminar on Classical Animation


Brainware University Department of Multimedia, organised a “Seminar on Classical Animation” on 3 August 2019. Our eminent guest speaker Mr. Soumavo Ghosh Dastidar, Director, Spirited Brio Animation Studio, enthusiastically discussed the canonical animations of days past and the kind of techniques that were used to bring such creations to life. Many of these techniques have changed now with the adoption of newer devices and styles but the old school style retains a certain level of nostalgia. It was extremely gratifying for both the students and faculty members as fellow Animation enthusiasts to discuss the nuances of the craft.

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Photography Workshop on Landscape Photography Editing

Lights, angles, colors- a photography weaves all three to create a colourful tapestry of life. These days the shadow of the pandemic looms over us and our life appears a little grey. To bring back the colour, Photo Frame and Department of Multimedia organised a workshop on Composition and Aesthetics of Landscape Photography for the students on 26 August 2019.PhotoFrame Mentor Mr. Argha Chatterjee interacted with the students and showed them how the best landscape photographers use technical aspects as tools to demonstrate the photographer's own connection to nature. Thanks to the two-hour long discussion the students were able to understand the artistic as well as the technical aspects of landscape photography. Brainware University hopes to organise more such events in the future to motivate and guide our students.

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One Day Seminar on Data Security and IoT


The world of Information Technology is a rapidly evolving sector and students have to keep themselves informed about the latest developments in this field. Department of Computational Science(Brainware University) & Department of Computer Science & Engineering(Brainware Group of Institutions) jointly held a seminar titled an one day seminar on IOT on 18 January 2020 to inform, update, and suggest the varied areas in which IOT(Internet of Things) as a concept can be effectively implemented. Mr. Abhishek Roy, the guest speaker spoke at length about the vast area open to the students to exercise mastery over this concept. From the Aviation industry to the Agriculture industry, nothing escapes the purview of IOT. In the age that is utterly under the throes of the digital media, IOT stands as one of the major data collecting and tracking systems. Over the course of the seminar the students learned the details of IOT systems and received invaluable suggestions from IT experts. It was a healthy mix of theory and practical implementation and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. We look forward to providing many such opportunities to our students in the future.

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IoT DevFest", a special one day event focused on Machine Learning and the Internet of Things was a part of Intel Student Ambassador AI Program, a research based program for selected students. This event was organized by IIC along with the Department of CSS & CSE in association with IEEE student branch. The event was conducted by Mr. Abhishek Nandy, Intel Black Belt Software Developer, Intel Software Innovator, Microsoft MVP who gave students a broad overview on the emerging technology in this field.

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IIC Seminar on Value and Ethics


Institute Innovation Cell of Brainware University organized a program under the theme ‘Entrepreneurship’ and the subject of the discussion was “Importance of value and ethics in professional world” on November 5, 2019. Swami Suparnanandaji Maharaj, Hon’ble Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture conducted the session. He stressed that success should never come at the cost of ethical codes. The greatest and truest success is one gained through hard work and dedicated to betterment of society. It was extremely inspiring to hear him speak. We are thankful for the opportunity to be given a chance to host him.

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Fashion Photography Editing Workshop

The workshop on fashion photography editing organised by Brainware University on 17 February 2020 delved into all the different technical aspects of shooting a photograph worthy of gracing the cover pages of reputed magazines. From the angle to the perspective, every single aspect can make a huge change in the final photograph. Our prospective photographers enjoyed the day greatly and it was very beneficial for them.

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Helen O’Grady International EduDrama Academy Conducting a Seminar


Students of Brainware University found their voice with Duncan Rice at a session, FIND YOUR VOICE, organized by the Communication Club of Brainware University. Duncan Rice, former Head of the Department of Drama, St. John’s College, Cambridge and the current Director of Helen O’ Grady International EduDrama Academy came to Brainware University, Barasat on the 1st of November, 2019 to conduct an interactive session with the students of the University. Duncan trained the students in using their voice as an effective tool of communication. He taught students to recognize their inner resonance and discover their natural ability to enunciate clearly through various fun-filled activities. It was indeed a beautiful experience to see the beaming students after an exciting and memorable session.

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Basic Life Support Demonstration in Collaboration with St. John Ambulance

Department of Allied Health Sciences organized a training session on Basic Life Support Skill on 16th November 2019. Mr. Malay Mukherjee and Mrs. Mousumi Mukherjee from St. John Ambulance, Barasat, Kolkata, who were the chief guests of this program, talked about the identification and differentiation of various medical emergency situations. The training session was carried out with mannequins with in-built sensors for demonstration of CPR and automated external defibrillators.

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