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An upward graph of industry scenario of Brainware University courses

Industry Scenario

  • India is a developing country, there are still many places where people are not getting good quality of water to drink, nor do they have electricity, nor do they have safer houses, people need roads to commute, mega cities need better transportation solutions, people need better standard of living.
  • There is much scope for civil engineers to gift better tomorrow.
Brainware University students are studying in front of computers

Salient Features

  • Brainware aims to educate successful engineers and researchers with the confidence of a leader
  • The university promotes research to build a sustainable future society in harmony with the environment by reorganizing the traditional subdivisions of civil engineering
  • All modern Laboratory facilities available
Successful Brainware students in various corporate fields

Career Options

  • Building Control Surveyor
  • CAD Technician
  • Consulting Civil Engineer
  • Contracting Civil Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Quality Surveyor