Meet our Brainstar Kishan Acharya: Securing the top 1% world ranking in TryHackMe & a paid internship with TCG Digital Solutions

Meet our Brainstar, Al Minar!

"It is more difficult to stay on top than to get there!"

We hope that our 4th-semester B.Sc Advanced Networking and Cyber Security student Kishan Acharya will stay at the top for a long time! Currently, Kishan is in the top 1% world ranking in TryHackMe.

TryHackMe offers a browser-based platform that is accessible from anywhere, making it convenient for users who want to learn and practice hacking skills from home. The platform offers various challenges and labs to help users learn and practice hacking skills in a safe and controlled environment.

This aptitude for ethical hacking has really paid off well for Kishan as he also earned an internship with TCG Digital Solutions. He will be paid Rs 15,000 per month!

A young writer, painter, dreamer: Meet our Brainstar, Al Minar!

Meet our Brainstar, Al Minar!

Alongside academics, if there is anything that can harbour the complete growth of an individual, then it is the nurturing of one’s extracurricular skills. At Brainware, it has been our motto from the inception to hone the latent talents of our students, our Brainstars. One such young star on campus is Al Minar M. Reza, a first-year student from the Department of English and Literary Studies. A published author, passionate filmmaker, and an avid painter, he dons several hats at the same time. His publications include The Magpie and Other Poems of Love, Art and Insanity, and Mendacity of Death. Magpie Production is his brainchild, which has released a film titled The Orphan. Al Minar endeavours to be an out-and-out creative person, dabbling with literature and films in the future. The university is proud to house talents like him and wishes him the very best in his creative pursuits!

Scripting movie magic


"I think that short films often contain originality, creative freedom, energy, and an invention that is inspiring and entertaining. I think they are, as Shakespeare put it, a good deed in a naughty world." - Kenneth Branagh

Our PG students Arora Yasmin and Shuvojit Biswas from the Department of Multimedia scripted movie magic at the 'Short Filmmaking Competition' organised by Lifeline Foundation last September!

Their film on the theme 'Creating Hope through Action on World Suicide Prevention' has been selected as the best in the competition. The duo has been invited to the Indian National Conference for the award ceremony.

Our best wishes to you! We hope you will conquer bigger stages soon!

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