Brainware News

Brainware News is an online campus weekly newsletter brought out by the students of Media Science department which reports on campus news stories as well as re-writes important news from various agencies for its readers.

Apart from providing campus related updates to the University community and others, this activity also helps the students to improve their skills in report writing and news agency copy re-writing. It also helps soon to be reporters to increase their vocabulary, gives them ideas on how to form sentences, how to ask good questions and how to write a great summary.

Serial No News Bulletin Publication Date
19th Edition 17.10.2020
18th Edition 10.10.2020
17th Edition 03.10.2020
16th Edition 26.09.2020
15th Edition 06.06.2020
14th Edition 30.05.2020
13th Edition 16.05.2020
12th Edition 09.05.2020
11th Edition 02.05.2020
10th Edition 25.04.2020
9th Edition 18.04.2020
8th Edition 11.04.2020
7th Edition 04.04.2020
6th Edition 28.03.2020
5th Edition 14.03.2020
4th Edition 07.03.2020
3rd Edition 29.02.2020
2nd Edition 22.02.2020
1st Edition 15.02.2020
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