Earn While You Learn

Earn while you learn is a great idea and opportunity for students who want to earn during their studies. Today many youngsters opt for part-time jobs to gain knowledge and experience along with financial benefits. The idea of schools and colleges as places where you only learn and acquire subject knowledge but do not gain any exposure to workplace discipline has changed. Brainware University has implemented an Earn While You Learn Scheme to allow students to gain experience in professional work while earning.

Through this programme, final-year students can get work positions in various departments of the University like Library, Labs, HR section, Administration etc in lieu of a stipend. This gives them new exposure, learning and experience. It helps them develop interpersonal skills like communication, listening, deportment and teaches them workplace attitude.

Moreover, earning while studying makes them more confident and independent. If they get a part-time job in their stream, then it’s great as they can apply their subject knowledge practically and if they don’t get a job in their stream, it’s even better as they will learn many new things and working environment tactics to overcome different situations. This greatly helps them acquire a diverse skill set.

This programme gives the students an insight into the career they want to choose and working gives them practical knowledge about the same. First and foremost it helps them earn their pocket money while studying. This will help in a long way in understanding the value of money and money management in future. Along with this, they get exposed to the workplace discipline and acquire valuable experience. This will help them make a decision on whether to choose an alternative career or cement their plans about the same career path. The Earn While You Learn Scheme is a guide to future career plans.

Our creed at Brainware University is not only to create academics but to help mould our students into successful professionals. The Earn While You Learn Project is our first step towards that end.

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