VFX Seminar by Prime Focus

VFX stands for visual effect. It is an excellent option for the additional impact in a particular scene. The main purpose of using this technology is to provide realistic effect to the live action video files. These days most filmmakers are using this thing into their movies to make many scenes. To explain this whole thing in detail Brainware University organised a workshop with the help of Prime Focus Technologies on 09th January, 2019. The experts from Prime Focus interacted with the students and faculty members. They explained how VFX and animation are joining hands with movies. This made the students realize that future scope with VFX is huge as creative minds are required everywhere. They also explained the present industry scenario and why one should take up this course seriously. After this a question answer session was arranged, where students got a chance to ask the Prime Focus experts questions relevant to the domain. The session ended with a movie trailer incorporated with 3D technology. The seminar was truly an inspiring one for the students, who want to make multimedia and animation their career.

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Studentpreneurs -The Step towards Idea Hunt


The Studentpreneurs: the step towards Idea Hunt" aimed to instil entrepreneurial skills amongst the business aspirants by offering a robust platform to showcase their ideas and explore the business viability of their concepts. The IIC along with CSS & CSE (Brainware University) in collaboration with IEEE organized this seminar inviting fourth semester students from BCA, MCA, B. Sc. CS to join in the journey to fulfil their dreams of creating something new. We hoped to make them aspire to make a difference and contribute to India's success towards becoming a top Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub.

The event allowed students with a vision to explore investment opportunities and bring on-board original and new ideas which would lead them to success in their journey to excellence. Participants were encouraged to share their projects, concepts, and innovative ideas with a panel of expert judges who commented on the business viability of these projects. Students enjoyed putting on their thinking caps and envisioning themselves as the successful entrepreneurs that they will surely be in the future.

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Seminar on IPR

Can ideas be stolen? How can some going prove that the very idea, of which someone else has profited is actually theirs ? It is their intellectual property and the original creators have every right to claim it. To make students aware of these issues, the Management Department of Brainware University organized a one-day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights on 26 September 2019. Dr. Mahua Hom Chowdhury (Head, Patent Information Center, Govt of West Bengal) in her inaugural speech talked about the Workshop Objective, the necessity of filing patents and copyright and the importance of innovative ideas and creativity. The legal measures an organization may take, while dealing with Intellectual Property Rights was also discussed. Since in India, it is the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises which suffer most in the context of Intellectual Property Rights violation, Dr Hom. Chowdhury opined that there should be more awareness programmes on IPR for MSMEs. We hope that this session helps our students safeguard their entrepreneurial ventures.

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Seminar on IOT


The world of Information Technology is a rapidly evolving sector and students have to keep themselves informed about the latest developments in this field. Department of Computational Science(Brainware University) & Department of Computer Science & Engineering(Brainware Group of Institutions) jointly held a seminar titled “IOT: A Boon To Technology” on 22.02.2020 to inform, update, and suggest the varied areas in which IOT (Internet of Things) as a concept can be effectively implemented. Mr. Avik Banerjee (Enterprise Architect, Ericsson Global India Pvt. Ltd), the guest speaker spoke at length about the vast area open to the students to exercise mastery over this concept. From the Aviation industry to the Agriculture industry, nothing escapes the purview of IOT. In the age that is utterly under the throes of the digital media, IOT stands as one of the major data collecting and tracking systems. Over the course of the seminar the students learned the details of IOT systems and received invaluable suggestions from IT experts. It was a healthy mix of theory and practical implementation and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. We look forward to providing many such opportunities to our students in the future.

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Seminar on How to Plan for Start-ups and Legal Ethical Steps

Launching a new start-up is always a moment of pride. You feel an overwhelming sense of relief that all those years of hard work and innovation have finally borne fruit. However since life isn’t always a fairy tale, new start-up owners often have to deal with several legal and ethical measures that have been put in place in order to ensure that the markets expand in a healthy fashion. To provide a helping hand to our students looking to start a new business venture, Brainware University in association with Institution Innovation Cell organised a seminar to discuss how to establish and manage the ethical and legal side of things. Our guest speaker reminded students that their success shouldn’t come at the cost of inflicting harm on others so for any business to progress it needs to have a strong ethical perspective. It was enjoyable to hear such insights and the students received a lot of important pointers. We hope to see them as successful entrepreneurs in the future.

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Seminar on Budget

The School of Management and Commerce conducted a seminar on “Budget 2020” on the 13th of February, 2020 to discuss and evaluate the Union Budget presented by the Finance Minister of India, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman presented in Parliament on February 1, 2020. An analysis and highlight of the budget was vividly discussed at the seminar where the speakers talked about the budget highlights as well the possible scopes for future improvement. Our guest speaker, Dr. Pranam Dhar ( Professor, Department of Commerce and Management, West Bengal State University, Barasat) argued that the Budget did not emphasize the rural agrarian economy development whereas other developed nations like Australia and New Zealand are doing exceptionally well on agriculture and allied activities. He also conveyed his opinion about current updates on GST and its present impacts and on Behavioural Taxation. Overall it was extremely helpful for students to learn analysis and interpretation skills from such an expert. We hope this event instilled a spirit of critical inquiry among the students.

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NISP Driven Activity workshop


To encourage the creative energy of our students and inspire them to work on new ideas and innovation to create start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, the Institute innovation cell has been established in the university under the direction of the Ministry of Human Resource Development. An awareness session on NISP was organized on November 29, 2019, under the leadership of IIC President Brainware University, Prof. Dr. Sankar Gangopadhyay. This half-day workshop on NISP helped to get a brief overview of NISP and support systems available at the Institute and to get sensitized on Innovation and clarity as an alternative career option. Students were informed about what kind of innovation, pre-incubation, and incubation facilities are available for them to use as a building block for their successful ventures. We hope all of them can realise their dreams of being successful in the business world.

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Lecture on Importance of Plantation-Climate Change Issues

Dr Prabir Ranjan Sur delivered an important lecture on Plantation and Climate Change issues at Brainware University on 17 August 2019. He discussed how the growing population and fixed natural resources were at odds with each other. We have only got one planet as our home so we must strive to protect it. Agriculture is one of the major reasons why our forest cover is being depleted, so large scale plantations must move towards sustainability. Dr Sur’s message was eagerly championed by the students who promised to work towards protecting the environment.

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Importance of Data Feeds and News and Information in BFSI


Mr Arindam Saha, the CEO of Ticker Plant Limited conducted this lecture session. He enlightened our students about the significance of their contribution in the financial information service industry that integrates and disseminates ultra-low latency data feeds news and information. The session was very interactive in nature which added to the interest and students enjoyed it immensely. We look forward to organising more such events in the future so that our students can get career tips from seasoned professionals.

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IEEE Awareness Program

The Central Library of Brainware University organized an Awareness Programme on IEEE e-journal and database, 2020 in an effort to encourage active participation in research activities within students and research scholars on January 11, 2020. Since a great culture of research is the cornerstone of a successful university, we wanted our students to be aware of the resources available at their disposal. On this occasion the key speaker, Mr. Rajkumar Mahapatra, Training Manager, Eastern India, EBSCO Information Services imparted very useful information about IEEE e-Journals. We hope this event motivated our students to pursue excellence in research

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Entrepreneurship and Family Business


With the objective of fostering a culture of innovation and inspiring students to work with new ideas, the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of Brainware University organized a seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship and Family Business’ on 17th January, 2020 at the university campus. Mr Samish Dalal (Associate Professor of S. P. Jain School of Global Management) was invited to be the guest speaker for the session.

Mr Samish Dalal, through demonstrations and motivational anecdotes, emphasised that besides monetary funds, mentality, innovative methods, and the correct attitude play a major role in creating a successful business. One of the most important requirements for a successful start-up in his opinion is a mentor who can assist you without commercial motive and has 100% conviction in your brilliance. Some of his pearls of wisdom that were exceptionally memorable for the students include, “be sincere, not serious”, “convert critic to coach” and “connect to people emotionally”. The session concluded with a lively interaction between the speaker and the audience, followed by a vote of thanks from the Convenor. We promise to host more such motivating events in the future.

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Brainster 2k20 Management Fest

The Department of Management & Commerce and Institution Innovation Cell (IIC) jointly held the annual management fest Brainster 2K20 for the first time. Thanks to a lot of hard work and determination on part of everyone the fest was a resounding success. The main aim of the event was to encourage the participants to exercise their management and business skills in new and exciting ways and to gain new insights from interacting with several prominent industry experts such as Mr. BL Mittal (Founder and Executive Chairman, SastaSundar.com), Mr. Kunal Bhattacharya (MD, Sustiknow Advisory Pvt.Ltd.), Mr. Avik Sarkar (GM Sales, Gulf Oil India Ltd.), and Mr. Rabin Roy(Founder, Sun craft Energy). Students from various colleges actively participated in various events such as debate, poster competition, case study presentation, and financial analysis among others to develop a high standard of entrepreneurial innovation. Brainwave University is glad to provide a platform for nurturing future innovators and making them market-ready. We hope to make Brainster 2k20 an annual event.

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Ambar Singh Roy Campus Visit


World Diabetes Day is celebrated globally on 14th November every year. This year the theme was “Diabetes and Family”. On this occasion, awareness against Diabetes Mellitus was spread by the students of Bachelor of Sciences in Medical Laboratory Technology, Bachelor of Sciences in Physician Assistant and Bachelor of Sciences in Optometry of Department of Allied Health Sciences, Brainware University with various activities. The program was inaugurated with a diabetes awareness rally in the locality. This day was also observed as a celebration of International Pathology Day.

The chief guests of the seminar were Dr. Subrata Mondal (MD, Medical Superintendent of Barasat District Govt. Hospital) & Dr. Sourav Nag, eminent physician and consultant Diabetologist of Barasat, Kolkata. Dr. Mondal enlightened our students with his speech on the serious consequences and probable cause of Diabetes Mellitus. Dr. Nag also made the students aware of the current epidemic of diabetes and its severe side effects on health. Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Goperswar Mukherjee, Dean, Allied Health Sciences, delivered his speech on Diabetes and the importance of Pathology towards accurate disease determination and treatment.

The session was very interactive and well received by the students. Diabetes screening was done for the faculty members aged more than 35 years of Brainware University by Mukherjee Laboratory, Barasat. The event spread a very important message about healthy living.

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