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Learning Objectives

  • To develop allied health care professionals with profound theoretical knowledge and hands-on training skill to facilitate them for assisting with confidence in technology-driven medical procedures and become future frontiers of health care.
  • To offer innovative courses in emerging interdisciplinary areas which are set to make significant impact on medicine.
  • To educate, train and develop the next generation translational researchers with necessary skills to cope with the future demand of health care industries.
  • To become a global centre of excellence in biomedical research.
  • To set a benchmark in the contribution to Total Quality Management in health care services by allied health science programs.
  • To develop a futuristic approach in the various activities.
  • To offer a holistic and integrated learning experience to the students.
  • To offer research component in the curriculum right from the UG programs.
  • To train the learners to work as a team member and to handle the human and animal ethical issues effectively.
  • The program is specifically designed to prepare the graduates to pursue their career in nationally and internationally growing health care industry.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the desired programs, the students:
  • Will be able to scrutinize, interpret, communicate, and respond to the major issues influencing health, healthcare policy and management.
  • Will develop administration skills governing accountability, collaboration, building relationships, organizational development, self-confidence, and leadership skills.
  • Will be prepared to function as educators and/or leaders in academic, clinical, or community healthcare surroundings.
  • Will develop critical and innovative thinking abilities who will be able to evaluate concepts, ideologies, research, clinical findings, technologies, outcomes and deliver them to professional practice including planned orientation.