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Diagnostics Radiology lab

Radiation Protection Accessories
  • Mobile Protective Barrier (MPB)- 1.5 mm Lead Eqv.
  • Lead Aprons - 0.25 mm Lead Eqv.
  • Thyroid Shield -0.25 mm Lead Eqv.
  • Gonads Shield- 0.25 mm Lead Eqv.
  • Eye Wear (Shield)- 0.25 mm Lead Eqv.
  • Hand Gloves -0.25 mm Lead Eqv.
  • Lead Glass window- 1.5 mm Lead Eqv.
  • Door (Lead Lined)-1.7 mm Lead Eqv.

Radiation protection comprises a hierarchy of control measures. Engineered design and construction, administrative policy/procedures and personal protective equipment address the three fundamental principles of dose reduction: time, distance and shielding.

Radiation Protection Accessories

X-ray dark room


The latent image produced when a radiographic film is exposed to a beam of X-ray can be visualized and examined only after the film has been suitably processed in the dark room.

X-ray film developing tank

X-ray film developing tank

X-ray tube
X-ray tube

An X-ray tube is a vacuum tube that converts electrical input power into X-rays.

X-ray film view box
X-ray film view box

A device made of lights placed behind a translucent screen and used to provide backlighting for a radiographic image.

X-ray Equipments

X-Ray Control Pannel

X-Ray Control Pannel means a device which controls input power to the x-ray high-voltage generator and the x-ray tube.

X-ray portable Grid
X-ray portable Grid

Grids are placed between the patient and the x-ray film to reduce the scattered radiation.

X-ray filter
X-ray filter

An X-ray filter is a material placed in front of an X-ray source in order to reduce the intensity of incident radiation.

x-ray collimator
X-ray collimator

Collimator, device for changing the diverging light or other radiation from a point source into a parallel beam.

X-ray tube housing
X-ray tube housing

Housing is made up of lead to stop leakage radiation.

X-Ray Positioning stand
Positioning stand

It has the mechanism to stop the cassette holder at any point at just re-lease of lever.

X-Ray Unit

An x-ray unit is the equipment used to produce x-rays. Because of the risk of over-exposure to x-rays, the x-rays unit includes both the machine used for collecting x rays and the protective room within which the x rays are taken and develops.