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Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Department of Allied Health Sciences has well equipped Anatomy and Physiology laboratory set up for the students.
  • Our sole mission is to provide a strong foundation for new students of Allied Health Science department entrants by teaching basic concept and comprehensive practical knowledge of the gross and microscopic structure and development of human body. We also aim to provide a basis for better understanding of the anatomical structure and histological slides of different tissues.
  • To train students for highest educational standards.
  • To inculcate Research attitude in UG students and faculty members that could be of service to humanity.
Available Infrastructure

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy.

Uses: Muscle Spasm, Cold Compression, Acute Injury


Traction is the process of applying a stretching force to the lumbar vertebrae through body weight, weights, and/or pulleys to distract individual joints of the lumbar spine. It relieves pressure on the spine and alleviates pain from joints, sprains, and spasms.

Uses: Low back pain, Back pain, Joint pain

Treadmill Testing

Treadmills are stationary cardio machines on which you can walk, jog or run indoors. Treadmills usually feature adjustable speeds and inclines to vary your workout, allowing you to simulate a hill with the push of a button.

Uses: Cardio Training, Diabetes, Obesity, Fitness

Continuous Passive Motion

A continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is a motorized device that passively moves a joint through a pre-set range of motion. These devices may be used after surgery to reduce joint stiffness and improve range of motion.

Uses: Range of motion, Post Operative, Post traumatic, Joint Function

Quads Table

The Quadriceps Table with One Torque unit is designed with Backrest for effective administration of progressive resistance exercises to the Knee joints muscle groups.

Uses: Strengthening, Range of Motion, Knee Pain, Post Operative

Core Exercise

Core exercises are those that use your trunk without support, like push-ups, sit ups, and abdominal crunches. These exercises strengthen and train your lower back, hips, abdomen and pelvis to work together for better balance and stability.

Uses: Stability, Strengthen, Fitness, Flexibility

Electrical Stimulation

Electric stimulation therapy is a therapeutic treatment that applies electrical stimulation in treating muscle spasms and pain. It can help prevent atrophy and build strength in patients with injuries.

Uses: Nerve Palsy, Pain, Knee Pain


L.A.S.E.R stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser Therapy involves applying low intensity laser light to relieve following damage to soft tissue. Laser therapy facilitates tissue repair and restores normal cell function.

Uses: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Disc herniation, Shoulder Impingement

KT Taping

KT tape provides support and pain relief before, during, and/or after an activity. Range of motion is not limited.

Uses: Neck Pain, Ankle Sprain, Back Pain, Lymphatic Drainage, Tennis Elbow

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive, out-patient alternative to surgery for those suffering from many joint and tendon disorders. ESWT sends acoustic shock waves into bone or soft tissue, in effect reinjuring the area on a cellular level and breaking up the scarring that has penetrated tendons and ligaments.

Uses: Back Pain, Low Back pain, Bone Healing, Tendinopathy, Adhesive Capsulitis

Static Cycle

A stationary bicycle (also known as exercise bicycle, exercise bike, spinning bike, or exercycle) is a device used as exercise equipment for indoor cycling.

Uses: Range of Motion, Strengthening, Aerobic Capacity, Fitness, Weight Control, Flexibility

Full Human Skeleton Model

Full Human Skeleton Model

Model of Full Human Body with different parts

Full Human Body with different parts

Enlarged Skin Model

Enlarged Skin Model

Replica of Human Brain with different parts

Human Brain with different parts

Human Eye Model

Eye Model

Human Eye Model

Eye Model in Orbit

Replica of human enlarged ear

Enlarged Ear

Binocular Microscope

Binocular Microscopes

Sphygmomanometer with Stethoscope

Sphygmomanometer with Stethoscope(for measurement of Blood pressure)

Histological Slides of various tissues

Histological Slides of various tissues