The various services offered by the University Libraries include:

WEB-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

24x7 accessible online Catalogue of the library collections, books, journals, magazines and other materials. From this, one can know the list of books borrowed and their due dates.

It can be accessed at http://bwu-opac.blacloud.in

Lending Services

These are services that deal with the lending activities of library books and other resources to all library users along with payment of library dues as per the library rules. The users’ privileges are as mentioned below:

Category U.G. Students P.G. Students Ph. D M.Tech Faculty (Part-Time/ contractual) Faculty (Regular) Staff
Reference Books: Competition & Rare Books Not allowed (Reference Collections may be referred inside the library premises only)
Periodicals/ Magazine/ News Paper Not allowed (Reference Collections may be referred inside the library premises only)
CDs/DVDs Not allowed (Can keep from 9 am to 7 pm inside the campus premises only)

Reference Service

BWU library has separate and varied collection for references which include dictionaries, career guides, periodicals, newspaper, text books, general books, rare & valuable books etc. The library users can approach the library desk in order to access reference and reserve materials for their requirements inside the library premises. However, they are not eligible to carry those materials outside the library premises under any circumstances.


Keeping up with the sustainable practices, Brainware University discourages students to take printouts of any material required by them, if it is available freely electronically or online. For print materials, however, photocopying is allowed and library has photocopying services for students and staff at reasonable rates. Photocopying of such print material are only allowed which will not be damaged due to handling.

Book Reservation

BWU library users can reserve a book online, if the particular book is not available for borrowing at that point of time. Upon the availability of that particular book, notifications are sent to the user. However, if the user does not respond to the notifications, the book is issued to the immediate user who asks for it next.


Preservation of books and documents is very important in a library as they are comprised of organic materials (plant or animal based) which are in a constant state of deterioration. However, with proper storage, handling, and care, deterioration can be slowed down so that the documents and books are around for many generations to come and also prevent loss of informational content.

BWU library ensures protection of its documents and books through proper handling as follows:

  • The documents are stored in a clean and stable environment and away from any radiators or vents.
  • The books are kept in metal shelving which prevent any acid (found in woods) migration into paper and thus prevent deterioration.
  • The library and the work environment of the library staff is always kept clean and free from any food or drinks.
  • The books are handled with clean, dry hands and same instructions the given to the users.
  • The books are made to stand upright on the shelves to minimize wear and tear.
  • Oversized books are kept flat so that they are not misshaped.
  • While pulling the books off the shelves, it is ensured that they are pulled from the middle of the spine instead of the top.
  • Whenever possible, a library staff accompanies a student in finding a book and unloading it from the shelves, so as to ensure proper handling of the books.
  • All users are instructed not to lick their fingers while turning the pages of the books.
  • Tapes, glues, non-stainless staples, pin, paper clips are avoided to be used as fasteners or book marks and instructions for the same are given to the users.

Past question papers

To help the students to test their knowledge of any particular course they are studying, to enable them to understand the question patterns and also to boost their confidence ahead of the exams, past question papers are made available to the students.

Project reports

Student project reports are important parts of library collections. The BWU library stores quality student project reports for archiving and also for future reference by the students’ junior peers for literature review and scope for further research.

Magazine and Newspaper facilities

BWU Library subscribes to various current print periodicals and newspapers for all students and staffs to keep them abreast with the current technological advancements, general knowledge, research and other areas of interest.

Alert Services

BWU Library subscribes to various current print periodicals and newspapers for all students and staffs to keep them abreast with the current technological advancements, general knowledge, research and other areas of interest.

The alert services include:

  • Alert to renew Library materials before due date.
  • Reminder to return/renew overdue Library Documents.
  • Reserved books return Notice.
  • Reserved book collection Notice.
  • New Arrivals alerts.

National Digital Library

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) has initiated the National Digital Library of India (NDL India) pilot project to develop a framework of virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility.

All of our library users have the opportunity to become a member of National Digital Library of India simultaneously. The information regarding the registration to NDL is sent by the library following which the users can register themselves and get benefited from the vast repository of electronic learning resources.


NPTEL is an acronym for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning which is an initiative by the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). The BWU Library provides guidance through proper channel to our users to enroll in various courses the users are interested in. The users can also access the MOOC platform from the library. The video lectures are also stored in the library as learning resource for later reference for everybody.

Digital Reference Service

Today's students are not merely comfortable with computers. Keeping this in mind, BWU Library provides access to various electronic resources to students no matter where they are located.


In order to avail any library service, one must become a member of our Library. Brainware University is also an institutional member of Chitrabani Society Library and British Council Library. Hence, our members automatically get the benefits of accessing the vast resources of these two libraries as well.

Inter-Library Loan Service

BWU Library has an Inter-Library Loan Service with other departmental libraries. Our users can access other libraries for reference as well as for borrowing services, and vice–versa.

Library Orientation Programme

The BWU Library organizes Library Orientation Programme for all the new students in the beginning of the academic year and also for new Academic staffs as per the University schedule. The objective of this orientation programme is to make the new members familiar with the various library resources, services and rules so that they can avail the services without any hiccup.

Awareness Activities

The BWU Library also organizes various awareness programmes, seminars, book fairs and workshops time to time especially for the students to grow the habit of reading in them, to make them discover of the varied facets of the world of books, to train them about plagiarism, to make them aware on the importance of journals and research articles in higher education and research.

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