About BWU Library

The Brainware University Central Library is a knowledge resource centre which houses a huge number of books, national and international journals, magazines, project reports, Govt. reports, subject dictionaries, fiction and non-fiction books, biographies, rare & valuable books, manuscripts, career guide books, ready references, Theses & dissertation and previous years’ question papers etc. With extensive cataloguing and written down records, students are provided a vast and user-friendly index to choose from.

The Central Library is located at the University Building no. III, 2nd floor, room no. 205. The area of various sections of Central Library are follows:

STACK ROOM: 1683 sq.ft.
OFFICE ROOM : 390 sq.ft
TOTAL READING ROOM : 2968 sq.ft.

The library of Brainware University has also initiated four other wings for focusing on four particular disciplines, namely, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology Library, School of Law Library, Institute of Nursing Library and Dept. of Allied health science Library. The Central Library along with these four department libraries hold an overwhelming collection of resources. The location of the departmental Libraries is:

Library Location
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology Library University Building no. III, 2nd floor, room no. 205.
School of Law Library University Building no. VI, 2nd floor, room no. 206.
Institute of Nursing Library Institute of Nursing building, ground floor, room no. 002.
Dept. of Allied health science Library University Building no. IV, 2nd floor room no. 215.

The software used in Brainware University Central Library along with 4 departmental libraries is KOHA (Koha version: 20.11).