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MBA Hospital Management : Course Details, Eligibility and Admission 2024

MBA Hospital Management is a 2 years programme at Brainware University. The applicants for mba hospital management course will find all admission relevant information on this page including mba hospital management course details, career options, mba hospital management course fees and so on.

Programme Overview

MBA Hospital Management: Programme Overview

  • The Brainware University School of Management and Commerce offers the 2-year MBA Hospital Management programme and has been recognised as top colleges for mba in hospital and healthcare management for offering a state-of-the-art learning infrastructure on a global campus with the best placement opportunities.
  • The hospital administrators are responsible for ensuring the optimum healthcare service to the patients while establishing a bond of trust and care between the patient and the hospital. The onus is on hospital management to determine staff management, hospital budget, while delivering the benefits of the latest healthcare technology. It is a profession that demands a close understanding of healthcare as well as the management principles. Hospital management as a career choice has gained momentum in the past few years. While BBA Hospital Management opens up a vast avenue of career opportunities, an MBA degree will double the opportunities while opening up the scopes for research.
Syllabus (Outline)

MBA Hospital Management: Syllabus (Outline)

The MBA Hospital Management syllabus will cover the following scope of learning.

  • Health economics
  • Operations Research and Research
  • Hospital Financial Management
  • Hospital Equipment Management
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurship and Consultancy Management
  • Inventory Control and Purchase Management(ICPM)
  • Management and Environmental Health
  • Legal & Medical Issues in Hospital
  • Health Insurance and Medical Tourism
  • Hospital Planning
  • Hospital organization and management theory
Learning Features

MBA Hospital Management: Learning Features

The MBA Hospital Management aspirants will experience the following learning benefits.

  • Merit scholarships and study grants
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with modern labs for advanced research
  • Intensive pre-placement training from day one
  • University-hospital tie ups for hands-on training and internship
  • Highly experienced healthcare industry professionals as faculty
  • 360-degree placement training and assistance


What are the minimum requirements to apply to the MBA program?

40% marks or equivalent grade in graduation in any discipline

What are the Admission and Selection Criteria?

Selection Criteria: Based on University Admission Test

What will I study in an MBA Program?

1st Year: General Management, 2nd Year: Specialization in the domain of Marketing, Finance and HR

What would be the duration and structure of the program?

2 Years divided into 4 Semesters.

Does the course offer any specialization?

Yes, In Marketing, Finance and HR

What is the unique about MBA curriculum?

Class Room Based, Case and Project Based.

Eligibility Criteria

MBA Hospital Management: Programmes, Duration, Fees and Eligibility Criteria

Programmes Duration Fees(INR) Eligibility Criteria
MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management 2 years 4,64,800 50% marks or equivalent grade in graduation in any discipline
Career Options

MBA Hospital Management: Career Options

The job opportunities after MBA Hospital Management are diverse and rewarding.

  • Medical Entrepreneurship
  • Policy Analyst or Researcher
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Health Services Managers and Administrators
  • Pharmaceutical Project Manager
  • Patient Advocate
  • Health Information Administrator
  • Chief Health Officer
  • Director of Voluntary Services
Admission Procedure

MBA Hospital Management: Admission 2024

Please follow the given Admission Procedure -

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  2. Put In Your Name
  3. Select The Course
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  5. Provide A Valid Phone Number And Email ID
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Brainware Placement Highlights

Brainware Placement Highlights

98% Placed in 2022

500+ Recruiters

36 LPA Highest CTC offered

116 Companies

244 Campus Drives

3.5+ Average Package




MBA student1

"Brainware University has prepared me with various opportunities such as projects, presentations and industry exposure which have improved my managerial skills."

Abidur Rahaman MBA

"Highly experienced and specialised professors have stretched me to reach my full potential through continual challenges and support"

Gopal Chandra DasMBA

Placed students


"Faculty members are having a combined package of knowledge and industry experience which encourages students to achieve the required skill sets which industry exactly needs."

Sayani Chakraborty MBA

"The students get shaped up with the help of faculty members with the ideal opportunity for placement, which every Management student wants after his/her completion of the degree."

Shanit BhattacharjeeMBA



"The students of Brainware University, we found to be hardworking, intelligent and have good knowledge in their respective areas. Indeed, we would like to pick up more talent in the coming years."

Mr. Vaskar Bhattacharya Regional Head-East, Ginnisystems Ltd.

"The industry outlook and understanding of long-term career objectives among students here deserve a compliment. The students will surely be valuable assets to the organisations they join."

Ms. Srimoyee Mukherjee Manager HR Nature Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management?

An MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management is a specialized MBA program that focuses on the principles and practices of managing healthcare organizations and systems. It is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare management, including healthcare policies, operations, finance, marketing, human resources, and strategic planning specific to the healthcare industry.

2: What are the prerequisites for pursuing an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management?

The prerequisites for pursuing an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management may vary among institutions. Generally, a bachelor's degree in any discipline is required. While prior experience in the healthcare field is not always mandatory, it can be beneficial. Some programs may require applicants to submit GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores. It is advisable to check the specific program requirements of the institution you are interested in.

3: What subjects are covered in an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management program?

An MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management program covers a wide range of subjects that are specific to the healthcare industry. The core subjects often include healthcare systems and policies, healthcare operations management, healthcare finance, healthcare marketing, healthcare quality management, healthcare ethics and law, strategic management in healthcare, healthcare information technology, and leadership in healthcare organizations. The curriculum may also include elective courses and practical experiences such as internships or capstone projects.

4: What are the career prospects after completing an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management?

Completing an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management opens up various career opportunities within the healthcare industry. Graduates can pursue management roles in hospitals, healthcare consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare technology companies, insurance companies, government health agencies, and non-profit healthcare organizations. Common job titles include healthcare administrator, hospital manager, healthcare consultant, healthcare project manager, healthcare marketing manager, healthcare financial analyst, and healthcare operations manager.

5: Can I pursue an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management without any prior healthcare background?

Yes, it is possible to pursue an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management without a prior healthcare background. While having healthcare experience can be advantageous, many programs are designed to accommodate students from diverse academic backgrounds. The program curriculum typically covers foundational concepts specific to healthcare management, allowing students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills required in the industry.

6: Are there different types of MBA programs available in Hospital & Healthcare Management?

Yes, there are different types of MBA programs available in Hospital & Healthcare Management to cater to the needs and preferences of students. Some programs offer a general MBA with a specialization or concentration in Hospital & Healthcare Management. Additionally, there are specialized MBA programs solely focused on Hospital & Healthcare Management. These programs provide a more targeted and in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry.

7: Can I pursue an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management online or through distance learning?

Yes, many institutions offer MBA programs in Hospital & Healthcare Management online or through distance learning formats. These programs provide flexibility for students who may not be able to attend classes on campus. Online MBA programs often utilize virtual classrooms, online lectures, interactive discussions, and assignments. It is important to ensure that the online MBA program you choose is accredited and provides the necessary resources and support for a comprehensive learning experience.

8: What skills are developed during an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management program?

An MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management program helps develop a range of skills necessary for effective management in the healthcare industry. These skills include healthcare administration and leadership, strategic planning, financial management, healthcare operations management, healthcare marketing and communication, healthcare policy analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. The program also emphasizes skills such as ethical and legal considerations in healthcare, innovation and change management, and effective teamwork and collaboration.

9: How long does it take to complete an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management program?

The duration of an MBA in a Hospital & Healthcare Management program typically ranges from 1 to 2 years, depending on the institution and the program structure. Some programs may offer part-time or online options, which can provide flexibility but may extend the duration. It's essential to check the specific program requirements and consult the institution for accurate information regarding the duration of the program.