Hostel FAQs

QDoes Brainware University have hostel facility for students?

Yes, there are two boys’ hostels and two girls’ hostels inside the campus.

QIs it mandatory to stay on campus?

It is mandatory for BSc Nursing and GNM programme. For other programmes, it is not mandatory.

QWhat measures have Brainware University taken to ensure safety on campus?

Brainware is committed to creating a safe and tolerant campus for its students. A security contract has been given to third party security agency for 24x7 service. CCTV surveillance is an integral part of effective monitoring. Prior permission can be taken from the parent whenever a student wishes to go outside the campus.

QCan students go home during weekends?

The option to go home on weekends is available but it depends on how a student schedules his/her classes.

QAre there A/C and non-A/c rooms for the boarders?

All the rooms in the hostel are non-AC.

QWhat is the process of allotment of seat?

In the Application form Tick Right in the field “ Hostel Required”.

QWhat is the sharing capacity of rooms in hostels?

We have single rooms, two-bedded, four-bedded rooms for boys and four-bedded and five-bedded ones for girls.

QWhat types of facilities do you provide to the boarders?

Facilities include 24x7 security, 24×7 power back-up, WiFi till 11pm, sports facilities, first aid and medical facilities as well as counselling facility.

QWhat is the room vacating process?

Boarders are bound to evacuate their respective rooms within seven days from the last day of his/her final semester examination in presence of parent(s)/guardian or with written consent from the parent (s).

On every 6 (six) month, the authority will consider the boarder’s eligibility to stay at hostel depending upon satisfactory compliances of the Hostels Rules and Regulations, failing which he/she may be expelled from Hostel with a fifteen days’ notice by the administration and/or administrative action will be taken against him/her.

QAre there any regulations of timings for the boarders?

Boarders may go out of the hostel after college hours in the afternoon on weekdays only once after signing "Time In-out" register available at the Hostel & Main Gate mentioning time therein. However, the boarders must come back to hostel before 8:00 PM and on return they must sign again in the "Time In-out" register mentioning time of entry therein. Bag and body checking may be done during entry/exit.

QIf a boarder falls sick or gets injured, what action is taken by the administration?

We have a first aid medical kit available in each hostel. A medical practitioner is available to provide free consultation to the boarders.

In case of any medical emergency, the parents of the student are contacted immediately to come and take care of their wards and with the permission of the parent, we admit the student in Barasat District Hospital’s emergency division and or in the nearest private hospital.

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