Standard Policies

Peer Review Policy

Peer review is a method used to make sure that only high-quality publications are published. The selection of peer reviewers is essential to the publication process. It is based on a variety of variables, such as knowledge, reputation, particular suggestions, conflicts of interest, etc. All incoming manuscripts are peer-reviewed in accordance with the process outlined in the Peer Review Policy.

Note on Special Issues

Different peer review processes for special issues and/or conference proceedings may involve people like Guest Editors, conference planners, or scientific committees, who all answer to the Special Issues Editor and/or the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

Plagiarism Policy

The journal is strictly against any unethical act of copying or plagiarism in any form. Plagiarism is said to have occurred when large portions of a manuscript have been copied from existing previously published resources. All manuscripts submitted for publication to “Brainwave: A Multidisciplinary Journal” are cross-checked for plagiarism using Ouriginial/ Drill Bit software. If the manuscript is found to be plagiarized beyond the acceptable limits, the concerned paper is rejected.

Repository Policy

Author(s) may deposit their published works in an Institutional Repository or any other repository after the publication of his/her work in “Brainwave: A Multidisciplinary Journal”.

Conflict of Interest

During the submission of Copyright Declaration Form, the authors need to declare that there is no potential conflict of interest with respect to research, authorship and / or publication of the article.

Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of the personal information of author(s) is valued by "Brainwave: A Multidisciplinary Journal." For the purpose of processing and publishing submitted manuscripts, the Journal only uses personal data like names, affiliation, organisations, and contact information.

Open Access Policy

The Brainwave: A Multidisciplinary Journal is an open access publication. It does not charge readers or their institutions for access. The users have permission to read, download, copy, print, search, or link to the full texts of its contents.

Archiving Policy

The contents of Brainwave: A Multidisciplinary journal are continually archived and preserved in the Internet Archive: Internet Archive link: https://archive.org/details/@brainwave_a_multidisciplinary_journal