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An upward graph of industry scenario of Brainware University courses

Industry Scenario

  • If you build your profile intelligently through the course from Brainware, you can shape a really good skill-set.
  • The IT scene might be dwindling in the coming years, and the manufacturing sector is expected to boom.
  • This signals possible increased opportunities for mechanical engineers. Give time. Till then, learn your subjects and master them.
Brainware University students are studying in front of computers

Salient Features

  • A student friendly campus with absolute discipline and safety
  • Effective teaching learning process and modern infrastructure
  • Highly equipped Labs with practical exposure
  • Complete syllabus coverage, contents beyond the syllabus and for learning latest technological trends
Successful Brainware students in various corporate fields

Career Options

  • Production Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Piping Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • CAD Technician
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Control and Instrumentation Engineer
Labs and workshop

Labs and Workshop

Brainware University professor and students in mechanical engineering lab
The laboratories of Mechanical department are well equipped with all the essential modern instruments and research facility.
  • Welding shop (Hand Grinding)
  • Metallography Lab(Microscope)
  • Machine Shop (CNC Lathe)
  • Machine Shop (LATHE, SHAPER)
Vision Mission

Our Vision

The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to provide an overall growth of students and faculty members by maintaining the perfect balance between academic excellence and professional competence. It wants to be recognized as a propagator of high quality research and education in the field of Mechanical Engineering that enables students to meet the needs of contemporary society.

Our Mission

  • The department bestows education to students to enhance their ability and improve their aptitudes to make them industry-friendly successful mechanical engineers.
  • It offers scopes for higher education by promoting researches among students and faculty members in diverse fields of mechanical engineering.
  • It provides students a world-class academic environment by the use of cutting-edge and modernized applications and technologies.
  • It encourages students to engage in activities related to socio-economic development of the country by using their engineering skills and knowledge.


Microfluidic devices and their applications at a webinar
Seminar discusses the latest developments in CAD for Engineering students


  • Kamrup Kumar Roy - Technical Executive, CADME
  • Sajib Mandal - Head of Technical Executive, CADME
  • Dip Das - Business developer, CADME


Microfluidic devices and their applications at a webinar
NIT professor discusses microfluidic devices and their applications at a webinar

Speaker: Dr. Abhiram Hens - Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur



Internet of Things(IoT) in the Field of Mechanical Engineering
Workshop on "Internet of Things(IoT) in the Field of Mechanical Engineering"

Speaker: Mr. Nityananda Chel - Senior Manager, Foundry Shop, TATA Motors



Brainware University Poster for Workshop on Land up to a Correct Job after Four Years
Workshop on "Land up to a Correct Job after Four Years"

Speaker: Mr. Malhar Chakraborty, Alumnus of ME-BGI (Batch of 2017), currently working at AMAZON (INDIA) Ltd



Brainware University Industrial Robotics webinar poster
Industrial Robotics’-‘Industrial Robotics’

Speaker:Mr. Sanjoy Dhara,Sanjoy Dhara (Mechanical Engineer, Tata Motors, Jamshedpur)



Brainware University webinar on Installation and maintenance of HVAC
A Webinar on “Installation and maintenance of HVAC in Industrial & Commercial Buildings”-industry expert

Speaker:Mr. Deepak Kumar Sharma(BGI Alumnus, Senior HVAC Engineer, Mistral Air Conditioning Services Co.(P) Ltd.)



Brainware University Webinar on ‘Designing for Reliability and Robustness with MATLAB Base Engine’
Webinar on ‘Designing for Reliability and Robustness with MATLAB Base Engine’

Speaker-Mr. Rohit Mahajan,Application Engineer in ELMAX Systems & Solutions



Brainware university Virtual industry tour Kalyani Water Treatment Plant
Virtual industry tour Kalyani Water Treatment Plant


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