A well-stocked library is an asset to any educational establishment. The Brainware University Central Library has been collecting resources in all formats from varied sources.

The collections of the library (as on March, 2020) are as follows:

Documents Scope Titles Total Volumes
Books All areas 2870 16446
E-Books All areas NIL(Access from NDL & World e-Book library)
E- Journals All areas IEEE (ASPP)
Print Periodicals International Journals 2 (1 for Pharmacy & 1 for CS) 2
National Journals 27+12(law)=39
Magazines 5
Theses Ph. D Theses 1
Bound Volumes (Journals) 159 (law)
Newspapers All areas 3
CDs and DVDs All areas 98

Print Resources


BWU Central Library has a large collection of books to cater to all the disciplines and programs that are offered in the University. The whole book collection of the can be sub-divided as Text Books, Reference Books, Reserve Books, General Books and Dictionaries.

Text Books: These are the books for reading that are recommended or are made available as per the curriculum.

Reference Books: These are the books that are for research, projects, suggested reading for faculty as well as students. The number of copies of these books are not very high as they are not used regularly and some of them are expensive. They also include dictionaries and career guidance books.

Reserve Books: These are handbooks, reports, dissertations and other rare category books of which only singular copy is present with BWU central library.

General Books: These are books that are generally not for curriculum-oriented reading. They are general motivational books, biographies, story books, fictional books or non-fictional books that are available in English as well as Hindi languages.

The Discipline-wise Collections can be detailed as below:

As on March 2020

Departments (Broad Subjects) No. of Titles No. of Volumes
Allied Health Science 74 412
Biotechnology 120 347
Civil Engineering (Diploma) 5 44
Commerce 64 374
Computer Science & Engineering 179 1470
Computational Sciences 557 3788
Electrical Engineering (Diploma) 17 155
Electronics & Communication Engineering 40 622
English & Literary Studies 13 28
Law 56 1628
Management 462 2070
Mass Communication & Journalism 41 69
Mathematics 14 30
Mechanical Engineering (Diploma) 5 59
Multimedia 190 1061
Nursing 87 489
Pharmacy (B. Pharm & D. Pharm) 694 3542
Career Guides, General Books (Fiction/Non-fiction), Dictionaries 252 258
Total 2870 16446


Periodicals keep BWU library users up to date with the latest happenings in their areas of interest. The periodicals consist of Journals (both National & International) and Magazines.

Journals: These are the periodicals which keep updates on scholarly research.

E- Journals All areas IEEE (ASPP)
Print Periodicals International Journals 2 (1 for Pharmacy & 1 for CS) 2
National Journals 27+12(law)=39
Bound Volumes (Journals) 159(law)

Magazines: These periodicals are containing latest information on day-to-day happenings in all areas of learning. Some of these are of subject oriented magazines and some are of general reading purpose.

  • Masters in Current Affairs
  • India Today
  • National Geography
  • Digit
  • Achievers


The Newspapers subscribed in the Library are:

  • Times of India
  • Economic Times
  • Employment News

Project Reports

Student project reports are an important part of a library collection. The BWU library stores quality student project reports for archiving and also for future reference by the students’ junior peers for literature review and scope for further research.

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