Brainware University Library has acquired institutional memberships with the:

  • British Council Library
  • Chitrabani Library
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British Council

The British Council is recognised across India for its network of eight libraries and cultural centres. It offers a range of specialised projects in arts, education, English language and society to audiences across India and more than 100,000 members. It also provides access to English language training and learning for both students and teachers and enable opportunities to study in the UK.Brainware University Central library has institutional membership with British Council.

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Chitrabani is the oldest media training institute in Eastern India. Chitrabani is recognized by the State Government as a voluntary educational institution in the field of social communication. According to its founder-director, Chitrabani is more than an academic institute, and more than a production centre. Through its training, production and research activities, it is a laboratory or experimental centre for creative persons interested in more than business, an educational centre where serious students of the media can find support and exchange ideas, a social centre where persons committed to development can work together.

Brainware University Central library has institutional membership with Chitrabani.

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