Post Graduate Programmes

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Industry Scenario

  • The English language is a rich language that has been widely adopted by the market.
  • Once you get out with a Master or Ph.D in English, you have various scopes to nurture.
  • Talking about few- you can wisely contribute to the education sector as well as private sectors as trainers or writers.
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Salient Features

  • Spoken English training programme is conducted for the UG/PG students
  • Pre placement training is given to them to meet the industry standard
  • The courses are taught by both professional teachers and experienced professionals
Successful Brainware students in various corporate fields

Career Options

  • Teacher
  • professor
  • IT professional
  • newspaper/ magazine journalist
  • Film director
  • content writer
Vision Mission

Our Vision

To develop the Department of English and Literary Studies as a centre for academic excellence based on the following strengths—

  • by offering students a curriculum based on a wide range of literatures, traditions and theoretical approaches aimed at establishing a clear grasp of major concerns in culture and literature with focus on relevance to career plans, skill development, critical and creative thinking, research, social and ethical engagements and life-long learning
  • by going beyond the curriculum and providing students additional courses to build a strong foundation for doctoral research and acquire transferable skills for related careers in publishing, teaching, theatre, management, journalism, civil services and so on.
  • by aiming to create one of the leading research centres in Literary Studies with a team of highly accomplished faculty members with interdisciplinary research expertise
  • by promoting quality education and research facilities at affordable fees and thereby casting a transformative light on society

Our Mission

  • To help students to develop a thorough and comprehensive understanding of social, historical, cultural and literary diversities of the world.
  • To endorse an overall growth of students and faculty members by promoting research in interdisciplinary and socially relevant areas
  • To help students to see themselves as professionals, with expertise in communication and soft skills and abilities valuable in the corporate as well as in the education sector
  • To balance the needs of general education by incorporating global perspectives in the curriculum and offering courses on language, communication, employability skills, creative writing, culture studies, and translation studies.
  • To foster human values, civic responsibilities and life-long learning not only through a holistic curriculum but also through various academic and social outreach activities.
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