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Industry Scenario

  • As per latest report by PwC, India's media and entertainment industry is expected to grow by US$ 53.99 billion by 2026. The Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comic (AVGC) sector is estimated to grow at ~9% to reach US$ 43.93 billion by 2024
  • India's digital advertising spend is expected to grow by 41% in 2024 as against 33% in 2021
  • Growth in digital advertising industry is projected to increase by 160 percent.
Brainware University students are studying in front of computers

Salient Features

  • Professionally qualified and experienced faculty members teaching Designing, Photography and Cinematography, 3D Modeling, Animation and Film making.
  • Ample scope for students to nurture their inherent creative skills and communicate creatively and effectively through media of digital art.
  • All modern Laboratory facilities available deal with the finest details of a complete production for a design, animation and video production.
  • Hands-on training on advanced animation techniques, 3D applications, Advanced VFX and Motion Graphics, Android programming, IOS development and Portfolio development.
Successful Brainware students in various corporate fields

Career Options

  • Animator
  • Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Photo Editor
  • Web Developer
  • Script Writer
  • Advertising Manager
  • Creative Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Storyboard artist
Vision Mission

Our Vision

The Department provides a platform where the students get ample opportunities to nurture their creativity and imagination.

Our Mission

  • It offers students hands-on experience in the use of industry-friendly and modernized software and devices.
  • It makes students ready for the ever-growing media market.
  • It enables students to develop analytical and inventive skills for research and higher studies in the field of multimedia.

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