MHRD's Innovation Cell (MIC) prescribes an annual activity calendar for IICs. In each quarter Minimum 3 activities out of scheduled 6 are to be completed by an IIC to receive full score. Institutes are encouraged to do a greater number of activities from calendar beyond the prescribed minimum.

Scoring Mechanism

  • In each Quarter IICs can earn maximum 25 marks for performing minimum prescribed activities in each type of activity which is equivalent to One Star.
  • Fifth Star is reserved for MHRDs Innovation cell and can be earned on exceptional achievements and conducting more than minimum activities in each quarter.

REWARD Points: IIC will earn Reward Points for conducting more than prescribed minimum activities (3) in each “activity type”.

Brainware University Performance Report

Session 2019-20
IIC Calendar Activity18180
MIC driven Activity42420
Self-driven Activity20200
Idea CountPoC CountPrototype Count Nominated Prototype
Activity TypeTotal Number of Activities ApprovedTotal Threshold Number of ActivitiesScore (for minimum prescribed activities)Adjusted Cumulative Reward Points for Additional Activities Beyond the Threshold Numbers for Each Category (Reflection in multiple of 100 with activity score)
IIC Calendar Activity (Score for 1 activity=4.16) Minimum 12 activities181250 (Max Score=50)25
MIC driven Activity (Score for 1 activity=0.833) Minimum 24 activities182415 (Max Score=20)0
Self-driven Activity (Score for 1 activity=2.5) Minimum 12 activities201230 (Max Score=30)20
   Total Score = 95Reward Points = 45

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