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B.Sc Psychology : Course Details, Eligibility and Admission 2023

B.Sc Psychology (H) is a 3 years undergraduate programme at Brainware University. The applicants for the BSc Psychology course will find all the relevant information on this page including psychology courses offered, syllabus outline, career options as well learning benefits.

B.Sc Psychology Programme Overview

B.Sc Psychology: Programme Overview

  • The Bachelor of Psychology has recorded an increased demand in recent years, as mental wellness and lifestyle mentoring have become pivotal to healthcare. Brainware University has always prioritised the mental wellness of the students right as a part of the holistic learning approach. At our mental wellness centers, we have a dedicated group of student counsellors.
  • Faculty Development Programmes are also organised for the purpose at regular intervals. The BSc psychology degree programme will widen the career opportunities of the psychology aspirants. Students experience intensive learning exposure through clinic-based practicals, masterclasses by eminent psychologists, and visits to rehabilitation centers included in the curriculum.
B.Sc Psychology Syllabus (Outline)

B.Sc Psychology: Syllabus (Outline)

Brainware University is one of the prominent colleges offering BSc Psychology in kolkata. The BSc Psychology honours syllabus outlines the scope of learning

  • Statistical Methods for Psychological Research
  • Counselling and Health Psychology
  • Determinants and theories of Personality
  • Application of Social Psychology
  • Dealing With Psychological Disorders ( Internship)
  • Field work and Dissertation
B.Sc Psychology Salient Features

B.Sc Psychology: Salient Features

The students of B Sc Psychology honours at Brainware University will have the following learning advantages.

  • A state-of-the-art learning campus with advanced research facilities
  • Mentoring by the top psychologists and psychiatrists of the country
  • On-campus Mental Wellness Clinic
  • Experienced doctors and counsellors as faculty
  • Dedicated lab for clinical research
  • Visits to correctional homes
  • Involvement in outreach programmes in the neighbourhood
  • Academic collaboration with Crystal Minds
  • Useful value added certificate courses by experts
  • Intensive pre-placement training
  • 360-degree placement support
B.Sc Psychology faq


Can a student from a different stream take up BSc Psychology?

Yes. A student from any stream can pursue BSc in Psychology. If the candidate should have scored 50%.

What can be the average salary of a psychologist in India?

In India, the average salary a psychologist starts from Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 3.5 lakhs annually.

What Does a B.Sc Psychology Graduate Do?

A B.Sc Psychology can excel in the following fields. Research Work: Mental health research domain. Counselling: Mental health counselling for people with grievances.

What are the scopes for higher education?

A BSc in Psychology can pursue MSc Psychology, MBA, MSc Clinical Psychology, MA Industrial Psychology

B.Sc Psychology Eligibility Criteria

B.Sc Psychology: Programmes, Duration, Fees and Eligibility Criteria

Programmes Duration Fees(INR) Eligibility Criteria
BSc (H) Psychology 3 years 1,87,200 50% marks or equivalent grade in '10+2' examination (any discipline)
B.Sc Psychology Career Options

B.Sc Psychology: Career Options

The job opportunities for BSc in Psychology graduates are immense. One can pursue the following career scopes:

  • Child Support Specialists
  • Career Counsellor
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Child Care Specialist
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Personal therapist
  • Health Educator
B.Sc Psychology Admission Procedure

B.Sc Psychology: Admission 2023

Please follow the given Admission Procedure:

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  2. Put in Your Name
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Brainware Placement Highlights

Brainware Placement Highlights

98% Placed in 2022

500+ Recruiters

36 LPA Highest CTC offered

116 Companies

244 Campus Drives

3.5+ Average Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

A BSc (Hons) in Psychology is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. It provides a comprehensive understanding of various psychological theories, research methods, and applications.

What are the admission requirements for a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

Admission requirements may vary depending on the university, but typically, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. Some universities may require specific subjects, such as mathematics or science, as prerequisites. Additionally, certain universities may have their own entrance exams or interview processes.

What subjects are covered in a BSc (Hons) Psychology program?

A BSc (Hons) Psychology program usually covers a wide range of subjects, including introductory psychology, research methods, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, personality theories, neuroscience, statistics, and experimental psychology.

What are the career prospects after completing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

A BSc (Hons) in Psychology can lead to various career paths. Some common career options include working in clinical settings, human resources, counselling, research, marketing, education, social work, and community services. However, further education, such as a master's or doctoral degree, may be required for certain specialized fields.

Can I become a psychologist with a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology?

While a BSc (Hons) in Psychology is a significant step towards a career in psychology, it typically does not qualify you to become a licensed psychologist. To practice as a psychologist, you usually need to pursue advanced degrees, such as a master's or doctoral degree in psychology, and fulfil specific licensing requirements in your jurisdiction.

Can I pursue postgraduate studies after completing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

Yes, many students choose to pursue postgraduate studies after completing their BSc (Hons) in Psychology. A master's degree or a doctoral degree in psychology can provide further specialization and open up more advanced career opportunities in research, clinical practice, teaching, or counselling.

What skills can I develop during a BSc (Hons) in Psychology program?

A BSc (Hons) in Psychology program can help you develop a wide range of skills, including critical thinking, research skills, data analysis, effective communication, problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and understanding of human behaviour. These skills are valuable not only in psychology-related fields but also in various other professions.

Can I work while pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

The feasibility of working while pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology depends on various factors, such as your personal circumstances, the intensity of the program, and your time management skills. It's essential to consider the workload and commitments of the program to determine if part-time employment is manageable.