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B.Sc Psychology : Course Details, Eligibility and Admission 2024

B Sc Psychology (H) is a 4 years undergraduate programme at Brainware University. The applicants for the BSc Psychology course will find all the relevant information on this page including psychology courses offered, syllabus outline, career options as well learning benefits.

B.Sc Psychology Programme Overview

B.Sc Psychology: Programme Overview

BSc Psychology: Unveiling the Human Mind at Brainware University

At Brainware University, our BSc Psychology course details encompass a diverse range of subjects and practical applications. We take pride in offering an extensive curriculum that delves into various facets of human behaviour, cognition, and psychological theories. Our BSc Psychology course is meticulously designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the mind and its workings, catering to those passionate about exploring the intricacies of human behaviour.

As one of the leading institutions, our BSc Hons Psychology program stands out for its depth and rigour in academic study. The BSc Hons Psychology course at Brainware University goes beyond conventional learning, integrating advanced study modules and research opportunities. Geared towards a more specialized and in-depth understanding of psychology, this program is tailored for students seeking an elevated academic challenge in the field.

Seeking admission for BSc Psychology at Brainware University is a gateway to a world of opportunities. We welcome enthusiastic and motivated individuals looking to embark on a journey in understanding human behaviour and mental processes. Our admission process is designed to identify candidates passionate about the field, fostering an environment where students can thrive and excel.

The BSc in Applied Psychology program at Brainware University provides a unique platform for students to apply psychological principles to real-world scenarios. This program equips individuals with practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for addressing various psychological challenges in diverse settings. We emphasize hands-on experiences to prepare students for a dynamic career in applied psychology.

Our BSc in Psychology subjects cover an array of areas including cognitive psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, and more. At Brainware University, the curriculum is structured to provide a well-rounded education, giving students a broad understanding of the field while allowing them to explore specialized areas of interest.

When it comes to the best colleges for BSc Psychology, Brainware University stands as a prominent choice. We take pride in offering a nurturing environment, experienced faculty, and a comprehensive curriculum, providing students with an exceptional academic experience. Our commitment to academic excellence makes us a top contender among the best colleges for BSc Psychology.

For those seeking BSc Psychology colleges in Kolkata, Brainware University is a premier institution within the city. With its state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated faculty, and holistic approach to education, our institution stands out as a prime destination for students aspiring to pursue BSc Psychology in Kolkata. We aim to provide a supportive and conducive environment for students to thrive and excel in their academic journey.

BSc Psychology Admission: Unlock Your Potential

Embark on a transformative journey into the realms of human behaviour and cognition with our esteemed BSc Psychology program at Brainware University. We offer a multidisciplinary curriculum designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the mind, behaviour, and mental processes. Our admission process welcomes passionate individuals eager to explore the intricacies of the human psyche.

BSc Degree in Psychology: Elevating Your Understanding

At Brainware University, our BSc degree in Psychology serves as a gateway to unravel the mysteries of the human mind. Guided by experienced faculty and equipped with state-of-the-art resources, students delve into diverse psychological theories and applications, preparing them for a dynamic career path in psychology and related fields.

BSc Psychology University: A Hub of Academic Excellence

As a renowned institution dedicated to academic excellence, Brainware University stands as a beacon for students seeking a distinguished BSc Psychology program. With a commitment to holistic education, cutting-edge resources, and a supportive academic community, we provide a platform for students to thrive and excel in their academic pursuits.

Join us at Brainware University and delve into the fascinating world of psychology, where you'll explore, learn, and grow while preparing for a rewarding career in understanding and shaping the human mind.

B.Sc Psychology Syllabus (Outline)

B.Sc Psychology: Syllabus (Outline)

BSc Psychology Syllabus: Exploring the Spectrum

Our meticulously crafted syllabus offers a wide spectrum of subjects, encompassing areas such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, and more. With a focus on theoretical knowledge and practical application, students gain a holistic understanding of the field, preparing them for a competitive landscape.

Brainware University is one of the prominent colleges offering BSc Psychology in kolkata. The BSc Psychology honours syllabus outlines the scope of learning

  • Statistical Methods for Psychological Research
  • Counselling and Health Psychology
  • Determinants and theories of Personality
  • Application of Social Psychology
  • Dealing With Psychological Disorders ( Internship)
  • Field work and Dissertation

Semester wise Syllabus:

Semester I

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Basic Psychological Processes
  • Psychology Lab
  • Psychology of Advertisement
  • Functional English
  • Soft Skills
  • Human Values and Ethics
  • Cinematic Psychology

Semester II

  • Psychology of Individual Differences
  • Statistics in Psychology
  • Individual Differences Lab
  • Economics of Therapy
  • Communicative English Lab
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Environmental Studies
B.Sc Psychology Eligibility Criteria

B.Sc Psychology: Programmes, Duration, Fees and Eligibility Criteria

Programmes : BSc (H) Psychology
Duration : 4 years
Fees (INR) : 2,44,600
Eligibility :50% marks or equivalent grade in '10+2' examination (any discipline)
Programmes : BSc Psychology
Duration : 3 years
Fees (INR) : 2,00,200
Eligibility :50% marks or equivalent grade in '10+2' examination (any discipline)

BSc Psychology Duration: Nurturing Your Growth

The BSc Psychology program at Brainware University spans across an enriching duration, enabling students to immerse themselves fully in the intricacies of the human mind. Throughout the course, we foster a nurturing environment, encouraging personal and academic growth while laying a strong foundation for a successful future in the field of psychology.

BSc Psychology Eligibility: Your Path to Enrichment

The eligibility criteria for our BSc Psychology program aim to attract aspiring students keen on understanding human behaviour and its complexities. High school graduates with a strong inclination towards psychology are encouraged to apply, paving their way towards a fulfilling educational journey at Brainware University.

BSc Psychology Fees: Investing in Your Future

Understanding the significance of quality education, Brainware University offers a competitive fee structure for the BSc Psychology program. We believe in making education accessible without compromising on the quality of learning, ensuring that students receive the best value for their investment.

B.Sc Psychology Career Options

B.Sc Psychology: Career Options

The job opportunities for BSc in Psychology graduates are immense. One can pursue the following career scopes:

  • Child Support Specialists
  • Career Counsellor
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Child Care Specialist
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Personal therapist
  • Health Educator

The career prospects for BSc Psychology graduates over the next five years are expected to remain robust and diverse, driven by the increasing recognition of the importance of mental health and well-being across various sectors. Here are some potential career pathways for BSc Psychology graduates:

1. Clinical Psychologist or Counselor: Graduates can pursue careers in clinical settings, providing mental health support, therapy, and counselling to individuals dealing with various psychological issues. With the growing awareness and acceptance of mental health services, the demand for qualified professionals in this field is likely to increase.

2. Human Resources Specialist: Companies increasingly value the insights psychologists can bring to human behaviour, motivation, and workplace dynamics. Graduates can work in HR, focusing on employee well-being, organizational behaviour, and talent management.

3. Educational Psychologist: There is a rising need for professionals who can address learning difficulties, behavioural problems, and special educational needs within educational settings. Graduates can work in schools or educational institutions to support students and teachers.

4. Market Research Analyst: Understanding consumer behaviour is crucial in marketing. BSc Psychology graduates can find opportunities in market research and analysis, utilizing their understanding of human behaviour to analyze market trends, consumer preferences, and purchasing patterns.

5. Community and Social Services: The need for mental health support in communities and social service organizations is growing. Graduates can work in non-profit organizations, community centres, or social service agencies, helping individuals facing various challenges.

6. Research Assistant or Data Analyst: With the increasing focus on evidence-based practices, graduates can work as research assistants or data analysts, contributing to psychological research projects or analyzing data in various settings such as academic institutions, healthcare, or corporate environments.

7. Healthcare Services: Graduates can find roles in healthcare settings, working alongside healthcare professionals to address patient mental health needs in hospitals, clinics, or rehabilitation centres.

8. Forensic Psychology: The application of psychology in legal and criminal justice settings is another emerging field. Graduates may find roles in criminal profiling, working with law enforcement, or consulting on legal cases.

The evolving landscape of mental health awareness, increasing acceptance, and the integration of psychology across various sectors will create diverse opportunities for BSc Psychology graduates. Pursuing further education or gaining specific certifications can further enhance career prospects, making graduates more competitive in the job market. Moreover, the emphasis on technology and remote services might also open up new avenues for telehealth and online counselling services in the field of psychology.

B.Sc Psychology Salient Features

B.Sc Psychology: Salient Features

The students of B Sc Psychology honours at Brainware University will have the following learning advantages.

  • A state-of-the-art learning campus with advanced research facilities
  • Mentoring by the top psychologists and psychiatrists of the country
  • On-campus Mental Wellness Clinic
  • Experienced doctors and counsellors as faculty
  • Dedicated lab for clinical research
  • Visits to correctional homes
  • Involvement in outreach programmes in the neighbourhood
  • Academic collaboration with Crystal Minds
  • Useful value added certificate courses by experts
  • Intensive pre-placement training
  • 360-degree placement support
Admission 2024 (Procedure)

B.Sc Psychology: Admission 2024

Please follow the given Admission Procedure:

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  2. Put in Your Name
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Brainware Awards & Ranking

Brainware Awards & Ranking



  • Ministry of Education, Innovation Cell, GOI : 4 Stars Rating in our efforts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • IIRF Ranking 2023 : No. 1 Technical Private University in West Bengal


  • ABP Ananda : Ananda Sikhha Samman
  • Zee 24 Ghanta : Education Excellence 2023
  • Times Business Awards : West Bengal 2023
  • News 18 Bangla : Education Eminence 2023
Brainware Placement Highlights

Brainware Placement Highlights

98% Placed in 2023

500+ Recruiters

36 LPA Highest CTC offered

116 Companies

244 Campus Drives

3.5+ Average Package



Tiyasa Dutta

During the pandemic, we received maximum support from our academic fraternity. The professors conducted regular online classes and uploaded learning materials and videos.

Tiyasa DuttaBSc Psychology
Sutapa Choudhuri

I want to really appreciate and thank Brainware University for providing an uninterrupted learning experience. The way of teaching and interacting with students to make learning easier and interesting is indeed a commendable job.

Sutapa ChoudhuriBSc Psychology
Placement Excellence

Brainware Placement/Internship Excellence

Our students have commenced their careers by undertaking internships at 'Moner Alo' in Barasat.

Dehyson Mara
Dehyson Mara BSc Psychology

Moner Alo

Nabanita Sarkar
Nabanita Sarkar BSc Psychology

Moner Alo

Yogesh Kumar Jayaswal
Yogesh Kumar Jayaswal BSc Psychology

Moner Alo

Shazida Perveen
Shazida Perveen BSc Psychology

Moner Alo

Anamika Dey
Anamika Dey BSc Psychology

Moner Alo

Sukanya Ghosh
Sukanya Ghosh BSc Psychology

Moner Alo

Eeshita Chakrabarti
Eeshita Chakrabarti BSc Psychology

Moner Alo

Recruiters Speak

Recruiters Speak


"Brainware students are professionally and technically well-informed as freshers. We are impressed with the level of confidence and positive attitude they demonstrated during their interviews."

Mr. Vaskar Bhattacharya Regional Head-East, Ginnisystems Ltd.

We always find competent and positive students who are almost ready to be professionals. We never get disappointed wherever we come for the recruitment. Well done Brainware University!

Ms. Srimoyee Mukherjee Manager HR Nature Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

A BSc (Hons) in Psychology is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. It provides a comprehensive understanding of various psychological theories, research methods, and applications.

What are the admission requirements for a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

Admission requirements may vary depending on the university, but typically, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. Some universities may require specific subjects, such as mathematics or science, as prerequisites. Additionally, certain universities may have their own entrance exams or interview processes.

What subjects are covered in a BSc (Hons) Psychology program?

A BSc (Hons) Psychology program usually covers a wide range of subjects, including introductory psychology, research methods, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, personality theories, neuroscience, statistics, and experimental psychology.

What are the career prospects after completing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

A BSc (Hons) in Psychology can lead to various career paths. Some common career options include working in clinical settings, human resources, counselling, research, marketing, education, social work, and community services. However, further education, such as a master's or doctoral degree, may be required for certain specialized fields.

Can I become a psychologist with a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology?

While a BSc (Hons) in Psychology is a significant step towards a career in psychology, it typically does not qualify you to become a licensed psychologist. To practice as a psychologist, you usually need to pursue advanced degrees, such as a master's or doctoral degree in psychology, and fulfil specific licensing requirements in your jurisdiction.

Can I pursue postgraduate studies after completing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

Yes, many students choose to pursue postgraduate studies after completing their BSc (Hons) in Psychology. A master's degree or a doctoral degree in psychology can provide further specialization and open up more advanced career opportunities in research, clinical practice, teaching, or counselling.

What skills can I develop during a BSc (Hons) in Psychology program?

A BSc (Hons) in Psychology program can help you develop a wide range of skills, including critical thinking, research skills, data analysis, effective communication, problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and understanding of human behaviour. These skills are valuable not only in psychology-related fields but also in various other professions.

Can I work while pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

The feasibility of working while pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology depends on various factors, such as your personal circumstances, the intensity of the program, and your time management skills. It's essential to consider the workload and commitments of the program to determine if part-time employment is manageable.