Scope of M.Sc in Microbiology

Scope of M.Sc in Microbiology

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M.Sc. in Microbiology is actually a two-year postgraduate course, the first year of the course is completely dedicated to the basic concept of the course of medicine covering human anatomy, biochemistry and also physiology. Then comes the subject of specialization which continues for two years. The whole curriculum is designed according to the university.


Future professionals who are not in the mood of taking up PhD, have chances to go for bioinformatics, medical, transcription, genetics, biotechnology and even clinical research. Aspirants, who hold a degree in this discipline, can also get jobs in call centres, diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology companies or a pharmaceutical enterprise. Also, they can become a technician or be a medical teacher. However, a degree of M.Sc. Medical Microbiology can be work best only if the student is able to manage good grades after its completion. Also, an additional qualification of PhD would be a plus as research is of the utmost importance when you are looking forward to contributing to the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Job Opportunities

A research scholar can be able to do better justice to discovering a number of products ranging from insulin to antibiotics. Research opens more job avenues for the scholars in the fields of agriculture, medicine and pharmaceuticals. The job spectrum is greater than it appears because microbiology as a stream bifurcates into several branches comprising industrial, marine, applied, agriculture and medical.

Medical microbiology is the study of immune mechanisms, host-parasite relationships, microbial flora with its significance in disease and health, etiopathology of general infections and pathogens. The subject teaches about conducting tests to be carried out for clinical diagnosis, regarding antimicrobial agents chosen for treatment, sterilization method and disposal of biomedical waste. During this course, students get acquainted with the process to diagnose diseases caused due to bacteria, parasites and fungi. Once finished with the three-year study, the career opportunities for students are vast. They may find jobs in food processing, laboratories, research firms, analytical development sector, clinical research units, and hospitals, bottling plants, drug discovery units as well as dairy, fertilizer and cosmetic industry. This serves the purpose with which the aspirants take it up.


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