Month: March 2020

Work From Home- New Trend In The Employment Sector

Home is where the heart is and which can be a better place to prove one’s utmost productivity than his own home. I strongly believe in the whole concept of working at home with complete honesty, perseverance and dedication. Working at home negates the environmental issues at work as well as peer group pressure or…
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diploma engineering courses

Diploma in Engineering after Class 10

In today’s ever-shifting competitive job market, students are highly seeking short vocational courses that make them job-ready. Diploma courses are, therefore, growing in demand, particularly by students willing to enter the professional-world soon. Diploma in engineering is one of the most sought-after courses. The course generally involves theoretical and practical classes on fundamental engineering concepts.…
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microbiology courses in Kolkata

Scope of M.Sc in Microbiology

M.Sc. in Microbiology is actually a two-year postgraduate course, the first year of the course is completely dedicated to the basic concept of the course of medicine covering human anatomy, biochemistry and also physiology. Then comes the subject of specialization which continues for two years. The whole curriculum is designed according to the university. Scope…
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MBA Internships- Benefits and Scope

What are the objectives? The main objectives of MBA internships are- Provide training to develop assessment, counselling, consultation, crisis intervention, outreach and observation skills and integrated knowledge- based learning opportunities to work with diverse populations. Provide an exposed and supportive environment in which multicultural competence can be developed and individual differences can be understood. Provide…
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