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Different Types Of Manager & How To Manage Them Smoothly :

Bad managers
Admit it or not, a huge chunk of your professional success depends on your manager! Professional growth, promotion etc becomes a cakewalk if you are on good terms with your manager. The manager’s personal recommendations matter a lot when it comes to your promotion, as the owners of the company, the board of directors etc

The importance of Pre-Placement Trainings

pre placement
One of the most important day of any student is the placement day – when they get placed in companies & firms that visit their campus. In a way, students make a transition from being students to professionals during placement day. Therefore placement day assumes a special significance for students all around the world, in

Brainware Celebrates First Anniversary as University!

Brainware Celebrates First Anniversary as University!
14th December 2015 will forever be a red letter day to us, the members of the Brainware family. That’s the day when the Government of West Bengal  passed a bill ( Act XXXI, 2015) acknowledging us as a Private University, duly recognised by the UGC.  It’s been one year since Brainware University came into inception,

Application of Solar Power

Application of Solar Power
It is no news that the availability of fossil fuel is decreasing day by day. Paradoxically the consumption of electrical energy is on a high rise. In the present era, the one and only source available to produce electrical energy is- the Sun. What will remain as long as human life exists is solar energy.

Tips & Tricks To Turn Your CV From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Today we are going to share some basic tips, tricks and secrets for making your resume appear unique. Your resume, is basically you in a printed form, a summation of all your accomplishments ( academic and professional) the skills you have learnt, the awards/honours you have amassed, the relevant certifications you have been awarded, recommendations

7 All Time Classic Interview Questions You Should Not Answer From The Heart :

You know way back when you were a knee high kid, and every adult from your kindergarten teacher to your parents kept on drilling the important of honesty? You have probably grown up hearing the phrase ”Honesty is the best policy”. But once you leave the rose tinted phase of your school & college days

Importance of Mathematics for Engineers

Importance of Mathematics for Engineers
Mathematics is the music of reason.     ~ James Joseph Sylvester   Human beings were not that much aware of fire until they understood its importance for their daily life. Somehow the same logic is applicable for engineers; without proper understanding or knowledge of Mathematics engineers can not make heads or tails of it. Mathematics

Understanding Labour Welfare – A match between Government schemes and employer’s commitment towards workers

Why labour welfare? In India, the need for labour welfare has always been a major concern. Firstly, as an industrially backward and developing country, India goes unrecognized.  The working condition of labourers is uncongenial. The workers are compelled to work for long hours under unhealthy surroundings. They are often treated as commodities, subjected to ill

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) and its effectiveness

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) and its effectiveness
Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is an advanced type of thin film solar cell or photovoltaic cell that converts any visible light into electrical energy. A dye-sensitized solar cell is made of a layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles and is covered with a molecular dye that absorbs sunlight. The dye-sensitized solar cell is a technically

Effective Leadership Skills

Effective Leadership Skills
A professional who displays tactfulness, skill, understanding and knowledge on varied topics – enterprise, forcefulness and  other leadership qualities to motivate and influence other candidates can be considered as a leader. At times the leader has to direct the group, facilitate the situation, inspire individuals and guide in coming to a conclusion. In a team


It is a fact that business is increasingly facing expectations from investors, consumers, suppliers, stakeholders and communities to bear responsibility for its impact on society and the environment. All companies manage risks, whether financial or operational, to ensure long term success. Based on the plan-do-check-act management cycle, Accenture has recently developed an evaluation framework that

What is Global Positioning System (GPS) ?

Also known as Navstar, GPS is the leading global navigation system today. GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite dependent navigation system made up of a network of total 71 satellites. Although officially the number satellites launched in October 2015 were 71, the actual number of operational satellites are 31 (1 is in reserve,

Attitude makes the difference

There are innumerable skills that exist and are required for survival. We depend upon these skills and utilise them to interpret various situations, discuss matters and arrive at definite conclusions. Knowledge, talent, and wealth alone cannot make the winning combination. You need much more. Not only success but also one’s failure crucially depends upon the

Pre-Placement Grooming

Brainware’s uniquely planned intensive pre-placement training certainly helps students become job-ready. A well-researched three-step training module ensures success in all placement endeavours. The detailed and carefully-planned pre-placement drills sharpen the students’ aptitude, English, business communication, and HR skills. We furnish them with hands-on training by means of in-plant training, internships, as well as opportunities to

Private Universities Are Transforming The Face Of Education In India

Living in the 21st century, we are active participants in shaping the world that is constantly evolving. While many things turn obsolete (such as the Telegram), we are also bombarded with newer concepts previously unheard of. Here’s a path-breaking phenomenon that has transformed the educational scenario of India – the advent of private universities and

Become a Certified Financial Accountant With Brainware

financial accountant
Every business, big or small, needs a financial accountant. So, there are thousands of jobs for the right candidates, trained accountants with the proper certifications. It’s a recession-proof profession. Irrespective of the economic situation, businesses must always have professional accountants. You can be hired as a full time accountant, cashier, payroll executive, tax advisor, audit