MBA Internships- Benefits and Scope

MBA Internships- Benefits and Scope

MBA Internships- Benefits and Scope

What are the objectives?

The main objectives of MBA internships are-

  • Provide training to develop assessment, counselling, consultation, crisis intervention, outreach and observation skills and integrated knowledge- based learning opportunities to work with diverse populations.
  • Provide an exposed and supportive environment in which multicultural competence can be developed and individual differences can be understood.
  • Provide a workspace that promotes the development of professional identity and expertise.

For MBA internships, students are sent to different industries and organisations to work as interns in their area of specialisation. Internships are compulsory for every student to complete the course successfully. Students are given marks based on their performance.

What are the benefits?

  • MBA students gain hands-on work experience in connection with their field of choice.
  • Students from various academic backgrounds gain meaningful academic, professional and personal learning experience.
  • Gain exhibition and real world insights into the outside working environment.
  • Learn professional intricacies and increase your understanding and knowledge.
  • Building valuable business networks.
  • Provide help and enthusiasm to excellent young students.
  • Bring new ideas, new perspectives, fresh insights and specialized skills to the workplace.

What are the scopes?

Students pursuing MBA degrees get a large number of scopes in various organisations to enter as interns. MBA students can work as interns under different requirements, such as human resource management, marketing and operations, digital marketing, front or back office executives etc.

There are both paid and non-paid categories of internships. Students continuing paid-internships get monthly remuneration or stipend as per the organisation rules. This depends on the job role and hour.

Most of internships have duration of 1months-6 months.

How to secure internships?

Before applying for an internship, students should keep in their mind the four key words-

  • Planning
  • Researching
  • Selecting
  • Applying

Planning is an essential part for students to identify the fields, where they can grow professionally.

Researching the platforms, job areas, selection procedures, criterion, duration-all are necessary to find out the best opportunity.

Selecting the right platform is necessary. Therefore, students need to look for various factors- deadline, work responsibilities, duration, certification etc.

The last step is applying, where students need to submit all their details and prepare for the next round.

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