Types of journalism
Journalism is beyond just reporting the news. It is about collecting, preparing and distributing the news through both print and electronic media. The journalism profession needs competent professionals as the field is really challenging and needs extreme hard work.

Business Journalism: Business journalism is all about the trending of business world around the globe. The major work of the Business journalist is to keep the readers and the viewers updated with the happenings business world. From stock trading to economic policy, from business mergers to technological advances, the business journalists have to
become the jack of all trades.

Broadcast Journalism: The news broadcasting that we witness in television, radio or the internet, can be termed as Broadcast Journalism. Day-to-day happenings, investigating, entertainment, sports, opinions, polls etc can be included under this section

Investigative Journalism: This particular type of journalism is enough to create awareness and open a groundbreaking side of the investigation. Investigative reporters’ or journalists’ work is to throw the light on a particular topic or injustice with valid reasoning’s and clues.

Entertainment Journalism: It generally covers the entertainment industry. Entertainment journalists work in the various sectors of the entertainment industry like film, celebrities, events, music, award ceremonies etc. Profiling celebrities, actors, musicians are also a part of their work.

Sports Journalism: Covering the games, discussing the players and the strategies, and profiling the players, coaches and teams are termed sports journalism. Opinion Journalism: Rather than only reporting new data or events, Opinion Journalism is a field that showcases the writer’s opinion also. Reviews, advice columns, op-eds, and letters from the editor all fall under the umbrella of opinion journalism.

Photojournalism: This type of journalism is the art of telling the story or the news behind a photograph. The photo can be taken and the news can be conveyed with it for better clarity.

Political Journalism: Providing accurate information about the political happenings of the local area, state, and central government, national government, or international government.

Crime Journalism: Researching and writing about criminal events are the prime works of crime journalism. Anything which is against the code of Law is a crime and the crime journalists have to counter it. Attending court hearings and conducting interviews are the job roles of crime journalists.

Watchdog Journalism: With an aim to protect society, Watchdog Journalism is all about monitoring the action of a particular organization. From governments to political campaigns to large corporations, the watchdog journalists make sure that illegal activities are not happening.

● Hard News
● Soft News

Hard news includes hard-hitting topics which are generally urgent like political journalism, business journalism, and watchdog journalism whereas soft journalism typically revolves around culture, lifestyle, entertainment and so on.

To become an established journalist, one has to be competent with accurate knowledge on and off ground. This profession needs extensive fieldwork, research, and determination. A degree in journalism assures better career prospects. Journalism Colleges in Kolkata:

A number of colleges are offering Bachelors and Masters degree in journalism like
Brainware University
● Amity University
● Adamas University

The course fees and placement records of these universities are mentioned below:

The course fees  and placement records of these universities are mentioned below: 

Name of the University  Programme Name  Fees  Placement record (2021)
Brainware University BSc (H) Media Science and Journalism  ₹ 2.05 L – 2.57 L 98%
Amity University  B. A in Journalism and Mass Communication  ₹ 2.81 L – 4.45 L 75%-80%
Adamas University  B. A in Journalism and Mass Communication ₹ 2.35 L – 3.55 L 80-85%

The reason for choosing Brainware University
➔ Highly experienced faculty members having industry knowledge
➔ Mapped curriculum based and updated according to the industry needs
➔ State-of-the-art-infrastructure, modern labs and more
➔ A number of industry visits
➔ Regular webinars and seminars
Pre-placement training right from the beginning
➔ Excellent placement record

Choose your career along with the college/ university after checking some criteria. Excelling in the domain is easy with accurate training. If you have an interest in this profession, if you have a keen interest in the domain, then journalism can be your career path.