Get Prepared to Crack GD- Key Points for MBA

Get Prepared to Crack GD- Key Points for MBA

Get Prepared to Crack GD- Key Points for MBA

Are you an MBA applicant? Are you getting prepared to pursue one of the most demanded programmes of India? This blog is going to help you, then.
MBA is an internationally recognized degree that develops skills to handle and conduct business and management.

In the whole process, among the several rounds, GD is one of the trickiest rounds. Not only for MBA, but the importance of group discussion in almost all the fields is inevitable. With 5-15 members, the group discussion is generally conducted and they are given a point that they have to discuss with valid reasoning and accurate information. Here are also some of the tips mentioned below for the candidates to perform well in the group discussion:

Self-grooming is the must
● Take clarification if required
● Carry a pen and paper if allowed
● Try to initiate the group discussion
● Maintain eye-contact with every participant
● Maintain a good body-language (avoid fidgeting, pointing others, crossing hands, slouching, biting nails, shouting)
● Be a good listener
● Speak aloud with valid points
● Maintain decorum
● Be positive in your approach

Format of Group Discussion

  1. Topic declaration- The topic will be declared and the participants have to prepare their speech with valid points
  2. Giving 5-10 minutes of time for preparation- The given time can be utilised to make the speech more informative, statistical and accurate with proper reasoning
  3. Commencement-One of the participants will start the discussion. Creating a good impression here is a must.
  4. GD Round- Every candidate should participate and the discussion should continue with equal participation. The participants should avoid taking negative approach, shouting and disrespecting others’ opinion.
  5. Completion of GD round- It is in the moderator’s hand: he/she can end the round any minute. Generally, the time span of a GD round is 15-30 minutes.

Guidelines for GD Round

  1. Take the opportunity to talk also make sure every participant can speak
  2. Listen to the speech of other participants
  3. Deferring another candidate’s speech
  4. Don’t criticize, construct judgement
  5. Don’t assume before a participant finishes the speech
  6. Maintain proper body language, be relaxed and deliver your speech

Topics of GD is another aspect of the GD round. The topics can be anything and everything. Reading, learning and knowing about the trending topics is needed. To get prepared for the GD round, one must:
● Keep tracks on what’s happening around the world
● Have sound knowledge about the current affairs
● Study newspapers and magazines to stay updated

Some of the group discussion topic are mentioned below

  1. Work from home – Pros & Cons
  2. COVID-19
  3. E-learning – Pros & Challenges
  4. Post-Covid world
  5. Metaverse
  6. The Future of work
  7. Net Zero
  8. Impact of COVID-19 on Global economy
  9. Caste census – Pros & Cons
  10. The Future of work

MBA is proving itself to be one of the most emerging fields. Students are going for an MBA degree as it is beneficial from all the possible aspects. There are a number of MBA colleges in Kolkata like Who offer MBA degree like Adamas University, Brainware University, JIS University, Amity University.

Before choosing any university, make sure you check some of the criteria like

  • Faculty members
  • Curriculum
  • Industry-institute interface
  • Fees structure
  • Placement record

The fees structure and placement record of some of the colleges of Kolkata are listed below

Name of the University with Course Fees (MBA) and their Placement Record in 2021

Adamas University – ₹ 5.51 L (80-85% Placed)
Brainware University – ₹ 3.85 L (98% placed)
JIS University – ₹ 3.43 L – 5 L (70% placed)
Amity University – ₹ 7.03 L – 11.55 L (75%-80% placed)

Comparing the criterias, make sure that the university follows a mapped curriculum and also emphasises on the industry visits.

Brainware University successfully fulfills the above mentioned points and fits in all of the criteria.

With a industry based mapped curriculum, Brainware University focuses on the overall development of the students. With the highly experienced faculty team and active placement team, Brainware University makes sure that the students get established with accurate learning and training.

Their placement record speaks for themselves. The effective pre-placement training works magically as students can feel the change within them when they become more confident and competent.


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