Cyber Security Career in India

Cyber Security Career in India

cyber security career in India - job prospect , career scope , job roles and salary

In 2022, it can easily be stated that we are technologically reliant than ever. Two decades ago, the whole scenario regarding the cyber world was totally different. Career in cyber security can be beneficial for the same reason. In this massive digital revolution, cyber security professionals are considered to be “hot commodities”.

Before thinking about starting a career in this challenging and evolving field, make sure you have certain queries answered.
➔ What are the skills needed to become a a professional in cyber security? To become a cyber security professional, you need skills on programming. Cyber security training is also needed. Specialized certification of the subject is required to get the work requirements. Going for a bachelor’s degree is the best option.

➔ How challenging it is to start the career in cyber security domain? According to a startling statistic it is predicted that there would be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2022, up from one million in 2014. So, the rise can be observed, you can build a rewarding career for yourself if you are dynamic in nature and can face the challenging tasks.

What are career opportunities after completing cyber security programme?

● Network Security Engineer
● Cybersecurity Architect
● Cybersecurity Analyst
● Cyber Security Manager

➔ What are the skills that can be acquired during the programme?

Some of the skills that one can acquire during the programme are mentioned below

● Cloud security
● Understanding vulnerability testing
● Firewalls

● Threat modelling
● Encryption solutions
● Secure coding practices

The demand of Cyber security jobs are in and will continue to increase. Lets discuss about the career opportunities that in cyber security domain

Network Security Engineer

The job role of a network security engineer is to ensures that the security system is properly implemented and also to contour and stop threats. The other works that comes under the job role maintaining of firewalls, routers, switches, various network monitoring tools, and VPNs maintaining systems identifying vulnerabilities
improving automation
The Average Salary: CTC of 4-8 Lakhs

Cyber Security Architect

Designing the network is the prime work of the Cyber Security Architect. Researching planning, and designing elements of security is done by the architect. Developing company policies and procedures for how their company’s employees should use the security systems and decide on the punitive action in case of lapses is also decided by the Cyber Security Architect.
The Average Salary: CTC of 6 Lakhs

Cyber Security Analyst

Planning, implementing, and upgrading security measures and controls is the job role of a Cyber Security Analyst. He/she is responsible for continuously monitoring security access and performing internal and external security audits to ensure there are no loopholes or evidence of security lapses.
The Average Salary: CTC of 6 Lakhs

Cyber Security Manager

Maintaining security protocols, creating strategies to increase network, managing a team of IT professionals is the job role of Cyber Security Manager.
The Average Salary: CTC of 12 Lakhs

Before going on to any conclusion, let’s have a discussion about from where you can actually acquire the specialized certificate that will help you to excel in the field of cyber security as a skilled professional. There are a number of cyber security colleges in Kolkata that offer BSc degree in Cyber Security like University of Engineering and Management, JIS University, Brainware University and a lot more. While choosing the university, make sure to check some of the criteria like curriculum, faculty members, industry-institute interface, fees structure and placement record.

Brainware University has it all. With highly experienced faculty members, Brainware University follows a mapped curriculum that is designed after scrutinizing the industry needs that too in an affordable course fees structure. To make the students industry-ready, Brainware University focuses on the industry visits that make them aware of how the industry actually works even before they start their careers. Their excellent placement record from focuses that they are
fulfilling their motto.


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