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Digital Marketing for Management Students

We reside in a digital world today. Most of the businesses have switch from concrete building to online, and even established businesses are trying to establish a robust online presence. In fact according to many leading business magazines such as Forbes, Business Insider etc, SEO ( Search engine optimization)  and SEM ( search engine marketing) 

Tips to Improve your Linkedin Profile

Nowadays Linkedin has become one of the most popular ( as well as the fastest ways) of getting noticed, and hired. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for an internship, or a seasoned professional looking for a career change, a new job with greater responsibilities, Linkedin has become the go to medium for ambitious

Benefits of Studying Journalism Courses @ Brainware University

journalism courses
Brainware University is offering Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Science and Journalism for students who are planning for a striving career in this field. This unique curriculum has been structured to provide students an exposure to multiculturalism through extensive field learning and expert training. It is estimated by BIS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) that

Career Opportunities with English

MA in Englsih
M.A in English English is not just a language anymore.  As a global language, English today is becoming an interdisciplinary subject as well as an integral part of Cultural Studies. This is why Brainware University is providing all students with an opportunity of pursuing Master of Arts in this subject. So, they can dream big

Career Prospects with MBA Course

MBA colleges in Kolkata
MBA For Business Administration enthusiasts, The School of Management & Commerce, Brainware University is offering Master of Business Administration and Master of Business Analytics courses. The Best for Your Future Benefits of Pursuing this Course The opportunity to experience best Live Business Projects  World Class Infrastructure and Industry-Institute Interaction Programmes As  a part of higher

Best Gateway to Success: Top Engineering Colleges in West Bengal

top engineering colleges in Kolkata
Looking to join a top engineering college? Let’s look at what makes a institution special What makes a Top Engineering College? World-class faculty Great infrastructure Good labs Strong Curriculum Excellent Placement Records Strong industry connections BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE…. The TRULY BEST of The BEST ONES HAVE: Courses mapped to industry standards Training in latest

Benefits of Media Science Courses

The discipline of Media Science deals with the content, history and effects of various medmedia, particularly the Mass Media. This field of study also draws traditions from both the Social Science and the Humanities. But its core discipline is based on disciplines of Communication Science and Communication Studies. The School of Communication, Multi Media and

Best Career Oriented Courses

Media Science: Media plays the role of a development agent in Indian society which is still developing compared to the Western world. Media is one of the largest industries in the world today. Media Science is a degree course in the field of Mass Media. It means everything from radio, newspaper, television and the internet.

Plasma Therapy

The Plasma Therapy called convalescent plasma treatment, requires blood plasma donations from people who have recovered from Covid-19. This plasma is administered to Covid-19 patients who could not generate sufficient antibodies against the virus. According to scientists,”Convalescent plasma is a promising treatment that could help patients whose bodies aren’t producing enough antibodies to curb the

Study of Media Science- Scopes and Advantages

Media Science courses
As the sector of media and communication is becoming more diverse and dynamic day by day, the demand for the degrees in the media and communication studies is also becoming popular. Media Science is the study in the field of Mass Media that contains everything from print media like newspaper to audio/audio-visual media like radio,

Cyber Law and Information Technology- a Brief Overview

cyber security courses
As the field of information technology is highly progressing over the past centuries, it is becoming more vulnerable to misuse, mismanagement, and moreover civil, criminal, and moral wrongdoings. Here comes the need for mechanisms to control it and requirement for legal provisions. This will empower law enforcement agencies, offer assurance to user, and deter criminal

What Is The Cloud Computing and Its Scope?

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing can be termed as a technology that mandatorily hosts all the programs needed for the completion of the job. The cloud computing is a system runs everything from simple emailing to complex data analysis programming. The term ‘cloud’ refers to a series of computers which control all assigned activities. In today’s world, cloud

Stress Management during Lockdown

stress management therapy
In our daily lives we often utter the word ‘stress’ under various situations, though we hardly know what causes us stress or how to manage stress effectively. Stress generally arises out of different internal and external influences that affect our mind, body, and behaviour deeply. In order to know effective stress management strategies, we must

Work From Home- New Trend In The Employment Sector

Home is where the heart is and which can be a better place to prove one’s utmost productivity than his own home. I strongly believe in the whole concept of working at home with complete honesty, perseverance and dedication. Working at home negates the environmental issues at work as well as peer group pressure or

Diploma in Engineering after Class 10

diploma engineering courses
In today’s ever-shifting competitive job market, students are highly seeking short vocational courses that make them job-ready. Diploma courses are, therefore, growing in demand, particularly by students willing to enter the professional-world soon. Diploma in engineering is one of the most sought-after courses. The course generally involves theoretical and practical classes on fundamental engineering concepts.

Scope of M.Sc in Microbiology

microbiology courses in Kolkata
M.Sc. in Microbiology is actually a two-year postgraduate course, the first year of the course is completely dedicated to the basic concept of the course of medicine covering human anatomy, biochemistry and also physiology. Then comes the subject of specialization which continues for two years. The whole curriculum is designed according to the university. Scope