Computer Science And Engineering has created new opportunities and career choices. The study involves different aspects of computing. It encompasses a variety of topics like analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware. Electrical engineering, mathematics, and linguistics play pivotal roles in Computer Science Engineering. In recent days, it has emerged as a separate engineering field. 

CSE or Computer Science And Engineering is creating a wide range of career opportunities. Students nowadays are focusing on career oriented courses so they are opting for such programs to see themselves as successful employees.The demand of getting placed after completing a course is increasing day by day. Computer Science And Engineering creates various career opportunities. Designing and developing software application for different industries, managing the software, hardware & networks in any industry, involving in the design and development of the hardware components of PCs & laptops, developing software for peripheral computing devices such as printers, modems and scanners, writing code and algorithms for operating systems like Windows, Linux etc are few of the career choices that can be chosen after completing the Diploma Computer Science And Engineering. 

Brainware University is one of the top private universities of West Bengal with experienced faculties. Diploma in Computer Science And Engineering is a three year program. Its motto is to create skillful professionals with all the industrial needs. Brainware University always encourages the fundamental, innovative and productive research in the vast field of Computer Science Engineering. 

To fulfill the motto, Brainware University has been working on students grooming and training, polishing their skill set from the beginning of the program. It is about providing a 360 degree learning experience to the students who have always expected best from their University.  

Brainware University always gives best guidance to the students. It prepares the students for their future endeavours from every aspect. To cope up with the emerging trends in the field of Computer Science and Engineering students get training right from the day one. The program prepares the students for the various career opportunities and creates a path for their career as well. 

In the competitive advancement in computing, students are trained to face the industry with all the necessary preparations. For personal and professional growth, faculties work hard to enhance the skill of the students, both technical and non-technical. The teachers impart moral and ethical values which help them to grow professionally and professionally too. The program works on the students so that they can excel in every field with the best of their knowledge.