Voice Search Technology

SEO has spread its online wings, having a dominant presence over marketing. It is not just limited to keywords, but content is considered to be a major consideration. Across the globe companies are rethinking on their SEO strategies.Many companies are trying their best to be mobile friendly, but the whole thing is getting dumped. In the present scenario more and more people are installing Google search app in their devices.

Usually mobile internet users tend to voice out what they want and want the answer from Google. They just don’t use statements as keywords but prefer asking questions. If the content on the websites provide the answers to the questions then the websites tend to go up in ranking.

A research says that Google provides accurate answers to almost all the queries. If your content is not arranged properly according to the voice functionality then this could hurt the results in mobile and voice rankings.Here are few suggested ways that can make your website ready for the voice searches:

Create content in a normal tone. Avoid using formal language. Always put yourself in the shoes of mobile users. You must understand the mind-set of a particular person while searching for a product or service.FAQs work as miracle because many ask questions. Try to get the answers to the usual questions that can be asked. The questions are related to 5W and 1H. Address answers to these question not only on the website, but take the help of blogs and social media platforms.

Make use of long tail keywords as much as you can. Using the long tail keywords along with keyword phrases in question form makes them sound natural. Don’t try to stuff in keywords in your content. Stay natural and make it sound all good.You don’t have to think about implementing any markup language for voice search engines. While there are a number of technologies associated with the creator of voice search, but current SEO experts are professional enough to make this thing able. You don’t have to experiment with website design and can include with voice search in overall strategy.

Voice search is a blessing for everyone. Makes it easy for mobile users get the solution on their finger tips.