Top interpersonal skills

Are you a fresh graduate out in the world looking for a job? Great! Here’s some tips to take your profile to the next level. Don’t just rely on your CV, a great CV helps but recruiters are looking for the complete package! Remember a great attitude is all the altitude you need for a thriving career. Work on your interpersonal skills to land that dream job. Here’s how!

  • Positive Attitude- Go in with a big smile on your face and a song in your heart. Expect the best from others and give them your best. Approach problems with a mindset that sees it as a chance to grow. A kind word and gentle smile can make someone’s day and endear you to others.
  • Commitment- Your professional ethics should be impeccable. Your words are an unbreakable bond. Make promises you can fulfill. Don’t be late. Don’t be callous and careless. Treat your work as a gift.
  • Body Language- A positive body language is the key. Maintain eye contact while someone is talking. Listen to understand and not to interrupt. Nod your head and smile. Open body postures promote a sense of calm and ease. Don’t hunch in. Keep your hands open on the table and smile! Relax it is okay!
  • Teamwork- Be a team player. It is not a competition. Lift others up and spread positivity. Adjust with your members and find a way to highlight all of your team’s individual strength while slowly working on your flaws. Have a healthy atmosphere that promotes discussion rather than silent grudges.
  • Professional Attitude- Be flexible with your ideas. Network and build on your social skills. Treat everyone with the respect you deserve.

There you are. Practice these and you are good to go and become a corporate superstar!