The discipline of Media Science deals with the content, history and effects of various medmedia, particularly the Mass Media. This field of study also draws traditions from both the Social Science and the Humanities. But its core discipline is based on disciplines of Communication Science and Communication Studies.

The School of Communication, Multi Media and Film Studies aims at rendering a comprehensive and multinational approach to the Media Science aspirants. A unique curriculum has been structured to provide the students an extensive exposure to multilingualism and multiculturalism through extensive field learning and expert coaching.

It is estimated by BIS ( Bureau of Labour Statistics ) that the demands for the Multimedia Artists and Animators will grow by 8% from 2016-2026. So it’s beneficial for any student to consider this field of study for his future. With growing Industry, Media Houses and News Channels this discipline will also provide students with a large number of Job Opportunities for their career. The demand for Web Developer, VFX Artists, iOS and Android App Developer, Sound Recordist, 2D/3D Animator, Cinematographer and UI/UX Designer will increase day by day.

Brainware University provides students courses which are mapped with Adobe Certification. Experts from STFU and other renowned production houses mentor students until they are job ready. Mandatory Industry-Institution-Introductions help students to have a prior idea of their working life environment. Sound Lab, Sketching Lab with Light Box Setup, Video Studio with the  latest infrastructure help students to learn about their subjects properly. WebGuru as an App Development partner also provides students with required internships.

Multimedia and Media Science are the two most popular and job market oriented fields of study right now. A student gets the chance of becoming a successful media person after completing courses in different segments of Media Science. Media Science also offers a student the chance of building a bright career in the job market which is both nationally and internationally recognized.