Trending Career Opportunities in Robotics after Earning MTech Degree – 2022 Edition

Trending Career Opportunities in Robotics after Earning MTech Degree – 2022 Edition

Masters in Robotics

Both bachelor’s degree and masters in robotics are considered to be the gateway to a successful career. The domain of Robotics allows students to explore and develop a wide range of abilities. They get to engage in hands-on learning experiences with design and assembly, engineering, technology, and programming. The field has immense scope too. If you are equipped with accurate knowledge, you can pursue your dream career as well. However, the number of robotics engineering colleges in Kolkata, as well as West Bengal, is really less in number. 

Scope of Robotics and Automation and potential career paths:

A robotic engineer can find employment in a variety of settings, including research facilities, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, mines, the automation industry, aerospace engineering, and many more. The gaming sector also needs qualified experts.

Robotics has established itself as one of the most promising fields to pursue a career in. From production line robots to experimental robotics for the medical, military, and automotive industries, the future of robotics engineering will certainly offer a range of opportunities for professionals entering the field. 


Masters in Robotics



MTech Robotics and Automation: Career Options

Earning a master’s degree in Robotics allows the students to work as 

  • Software development Engineer
  • Aerospace Robotics Engineer
  • Robot Design Engineers: 
  • Automated product designer
  • Senior Robotics specialist

Job role of Robotic Engineers: 

A Robotic Engineer formulates and creates robotic prototypes, builds, configures, tests, and fixes robotic systems. It is also his responsibility to maintain, calibrate, operate, and install robots and make sure that robotic machines are accurate, dependable, and safe to use. He is also responsible to find and apply improvements.

Securing the job roles as a Robotic Engineer is only possible when you are technically sound and have an urge to deliver your excellence. The number of colleges offering masters degree in Robotics is already very few. But if you are looking for the finest among them, you should go for Brainware University. 

Being the first name that made generations acquainted with computers back in the 90s in Kolkata, Brainware University has finely evolved from being a computer learning academy to one of the best private universities in West Bengal offering more than 55 career-building programmes. Brainware University offers the widest range of Engineering programmes including 

At Brainware University, students get trained with 

  • Best-in-class laboratories and cutting-edge research facilities
  • Industry-focused instruction with frequent industry trips and practical training
  • Regular masterclasses and seminars offered by professionals in the field
  • Innovative initiatives carried forth through the incubator
  • Extensive training before placement and right from the beginning of the programme 
  • 100% placement assistance

Being consistent in placement record also, Brainware University has successfully placed 98% of the students in 2021 and aiming for 99% in the coming placement drive. 

If you want to design a rewarding career in Robotics and Automation, Brainware University is here to guide to. Get enrolled and explore the world of opportunities with us. 



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