Pursue BA English Honours

English Literature and Language is an expansive dimension to explore. After the 10+2, the students who are willing to pursue their careers in literature can pursue a course like BA English Honours. And you are already on a plus point if you are someone who loves to get hooked with books. If you want to know more regarding the course, BA English honours eligibility, and career scope, then you are at the right blog. You will also be guided to the best private university in Kolkata to pursue the course. 


The students of BA English Honours can pursue their careers in: 


  1. Public Relations & Advertising: To build mutually beneficial relationships with the public, individuals with good communication skills are needed. The industry really needs professionals having expertise in English. 


  1. Media Services: The BA degree in English Honours course is beyond English Literature and Language. This course enhances your skillset like soft skills, communication skills and more. So this degree can be used to excel in the sectors like media. 


  1. Marketing and Strategic Communication: A student with BA in English Honours will surely crack the eligibility criteria and communication is the key role of this industry. 


  1. English Language and Literature Research: With  BA degree with English Honours, you can start doing research as well. 


  1. Editorial and Content Development: As you master the skill of writing during your graduation days, you can think to build your career in content development which is in huge demand. 


  1. Language Experts: You can become a language expert by knowing the 360 degrees of the huge ocean of the English Language. This domain is very interesting and has several scopes too. 


  1. Journalism: It is another aspect that you can think of pursuing your career in. Your command of the language will help you to prosper in this challenging field. 


  1. Publishing careers: If you have the quality to develop ideas and be creative, then this industry is for you. There are several job posts like Technical Publications Manager, Publication Specialist etc that pays hefty. 


  1. Bloggers: Blogging is like hot cakes nowadays. You can do freelancing and use your creative writing skills. Even though it was started as diary-style entries, but now has a promising future. 


  1. Academics and Teaching: After completing the BA course, you can go for higher studies and see yourself excelling in Academics as a teacher. 




Now, coming to the vital part of the blog. If you want to see yourself excelling as a professional from the above options, you must learn and earn a degree from a university that provides the best education. Brainware University, arguably the best private university in Kolkata with multiple accolades from ABP Ananda, Zee 24 Ghanta, News 18 Bangla, The Times and many more offers the BA(H) in English degree with 


  • Language lab to enhance communication skills
  • Professional training in digital content creation
  • Masterclasses with reputed authors and creative artists
  • VAC in German and Spanish
  • Curriculum aligned with WBCS, UPSC syllabus


Apart from the recognitions from the Media Giants, our placement record also make us proud. We have successfully placed 98% of the students in the placement drive for 2021.

If you want to be a part of this holistic learning, you can visit our official website