General psychology Vs Applied Psychology

General Vs Applied Psychology: What’s the difference? Which one to pursue? Exclaimed!


The study of the mind, mental processes, and behaviours of humans and animals, Psychology, has turned out to be one of the fastest growing fields. The concern over mental health has increased drastically causing the field to gain immense future scope. Those who want to prosper in the domain must earn a degree. After graduation, they can go for MSc Applied Psychology degree and secure their dream career. 

Often the students get confused between General Psychology and Applied Psychology. Here’s the blog that has exclaimed the difference between general Psychology and Applied Psychology. 

The study of general psychology encompasses all of psychology’s foundational concepts, tenets, and techniques. Psychology is the study of the mind.

In applied psychology, the emphasis is on using psychological techniques and scientific psychology results to address real-world issues with human and animal behaviour and experience.


General psychology Vs Applied Psychology



General Psychology or Applied Psychology- which one is better? 

In contrast to Applied Psychology, General Psychology emphasises more on theory and underlying concepts than actual problem-solving strategies. Whereas, Applied Psychology focuses on the application of these theories in the real world. Applied Psychology is less theory-driven and more based on practical experiences. 


Job Opportunities after pursuing Applied Psychology: 

The career options for the MSc in Applied Psychology postgraduates are immense. A few of the career prospects are mentioned below: 

  • Senior Psychologist
  • Child Support Specialists
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Senior Psychological Consultant
  • Health Educator

Undergraduate courses in both subjects are offered by the various universities in Kolkata. But pursuing Applied Psychology is way more beneficial than pursuing General Psychology. Applied Psychology makes you aware of the real-life instances and makes you acquainted with the domain and its’ scenario. 

If you are looking for the best psychology colleges in Kolkata, then here’s quick guidance. A subject like Psychology needs more exposure to real-life cases. So make sure, you are choosing a university that will guide you thoroughly.

If you have already completed your graduation in Psychology, you should definitely go for a postgraduate degree in Applied Psychology and continue your higher studies. 

Brainware University, one of the leading private universities in Kolkata, offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Psychology. The offered courses are: 

  • BSc(H) in Psychology 
  • MSc in Applied Psychology 

The psychology department’s students get benefitted from the following features: 

  • Opportunities for hands-on learning in well-equipped labs with cutting-edge equipment.
  • Additionally, they gain practical experience through observation and participation in webinars, seminars, workshops, visits to correctional homes, the administration of tests, and many other activities.
  • The students participate in regular internships with reputable organisations (we collaborate with organisations like Crystal Minds and other organisations), community-based fieldwork, and neighbourhood outreach.
  • Research projects for undergraduate students and dissertations for postgraduate students are carried out to greatly enhance the educational experience.
  • Training is offered in organisational behaviour, self-presentation, human resource management, and soft skills.
  • Experts in the field, highly experienced teachers, and mental health professionals will teach the course. Renowned psychologists and psychiatrists will serve as mentors as well.

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