Do you have an affinity with numbers? Specifically numbers related to business? Does the idea of bringing a business to life, running it day to day, slowly turning it into a profit making machine excite you? Then you are the perfect candidate for BBA – or Bachelors in Business Administration. For students dreaming of making it big in the corporate world, or starting out on their own someday BBA can be the perfect platform.


BBA Gives you the perfect platform for corporate career : In many ways BBA is a prelude to an MBA. It helps you to understand the basics of a business, and how to run it efficiently. This means that the basics of running a business administration – from accounting or finance to marketing , everything will be taught. so that you can serve as a manager after your graduation effectively.


Flexible : The BBA is a flexible course. Depending on the field you intend to venture out, you can take up a specialization after first year. If you are creative and have plans to venture out in advertising, media management FMCG etc, then marketing should be your option. On other hand if numbers speak to you, and you speak in stock terms, then finance is your best bet. If interacting with people, solving their problems is what fascinates you, then HR ( Human resources) is your best bet.


Lucrative Career Options : BBA is not just another UG course. Like Btech, or BCom it’s a full fledged professional/vocational course. This means that you will get an opportunity to get lucrative internships, do some interesting and relevant industry projects and also get some prestigious PPOs ( pre placement offers) if you keep your grades up.


So if you want a lucrative, well paying career right out of graduation is what you want, BBA from a reputed UGC accredited University should be your goal. If you are a student residing in West Bengal, then you can consider a BBA from Brainware University. Brainware offers an affordable BBA course, that aims to make you job ready. The course is designed by industry veterans , and through several attractive facilities such as soft skill/pre placement training,  live industrial projects, multiple internships , you are tailor made into the perfect professional for the corporate world.