Should you choose BBA or B.Com?

One dilemma which all students who had commerce or economics in their 12th, face – is that should we go for BBA ( Bachelors of Administration) or BCom ( Bachelors of Commerce) ?

BBA and BCom has always been two most popular choices for students who had commerce and/or economics at high school. However though the two courses have many similarities in terms of syllabus and coursework, career prospects the two are not the same. Read on to find!


Hons vs General : Bcom is generally an Hons ( Honours) subject, whereas BBA is a general Bachelor’s subject. Bcom in general as it is an Hons course, involves heavier courseload, more rigour, more complex/abstract subjects. Bcom has complex subjects like Accounting, Finance, Industrial Policies, Company Laws, etc, along with Business Administration.  

BBA is usually a more flexible course – geared for young people who are looking to learn how to apply business concepts to solve real life business problems – or start out their own venture. BBA involves topics like International Business, Human Resources, Marketing – all aspects of Business Administration.  BBA is actually a fully professional/vocational degree geared towards making students more job ready. BCom is both a professional degree, as well as an academic course.


Career & Further Education Prospects : BCom and BBA  provides more or less similar career prospects – though most BCom graduates end up at core finance jobs. BBA graduates get job roles which can range from managerial jobs to marketing roles to entrepreneurship.

However when it comes to further studies, BCom graduates do have an advantage. They can get into MCom, MA in Economics, MBA etc. Whereas BBA graduates only have the MBA option open for them.


At the end of the day, both BBA and BCOM courses are great vocational courses that can make students job ready and highly employable. Depending on your interests, temperament and aptitude you can opt for either.