Qualities of a good brand manager

A good brand manager











The essence or the life of any company of firm rests on its brand. Brand is basically the reputation and the identity of a firm. It’s what brings an organization closer to the masses, makes it a household name, and creates its market presence. Naturally, the responsibility of creating this brand falls upon the brand manager.

Brand manager is therefore a creative individual who through the dint of his/her creativity, strategic and organizational abilities, builds a company’s brands. For those looking for a career with a lot of flexibility, creativity and leadership opportunities this can be a great career option. Moreover if you can bring in good performance you might even be promoted to post of brand director.

However in order to be successful as a brand manager one needs to have or develop some skills. Here we are citing some essential skills needed to be a successful brand manager.


  • Researching Abilities : A good brand manager is required to have in depth knowledge of the niche or market segment and thus needs to conduct some initial research or surveys. Without knowledge of consumer demands and expectations, brand cannot be developed. Brand developement essentially rests on consumer trust and that cannot be met until we find out what the consumers expect or want.


  • Strategic Ability : Branding is essentially a strategic phenomenon. Strategy includes planning out geographical and regional concentrations of business and developing products and services according to prevalent conditions. Such prevalent conditions can include climate, gender ratio, age ratio etc.


  • Creativity : Brand development requires lots of creativity and insight . Brand manager needs to be a creative individual who can see the big picture but at the same time has analytical abilities to keep in mind small necessary details. Brand development requires knowledge of not just the creative part – advertisements, designing, storytelling but also other aspects like budgeting. Versatility and creativity are therefore must have qualities for brand managers.


  • Have Intimate Knowledge of Social Media : A successful brand manager should always keep in touch with the recent developments of his/her firm on the social media. In fact in today’s digitalized age, the social media is one of the best ways to keep one self aware of current consumer expectations and feedback. Based on such responses, the brand can be reconstructed or modified.


  • Be Informed : BM should follow latest blogs, marketing trends and important developments in his/her market/niche in order to help keep the brand ahead of its peers.

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