3D modelling

3D Modelling of Face

3D or third dimension modelling is currently a rage amongst animators and many graphic artists. And with good reason. 3D modelling is a one of a kind technology which helps in creating super sophisticated , and realistic representations of any object or surface. It’s the 3D technology which lends a ‘’real life’’ effect and tangible/realistic finish to the object you see in an artwork, animation or even motion picture. This popular and versatile technology has its uses amongst many sectors including commercial advertisement, game development and visual effects in motion pictures.

So if you have big ambitions in the creative sector, then the benefits of learning 3D modelling are manifold :

  • Making Illustration more True To Life : 3D Modelling is an extremely popular tool in the illustration sector. Whether it be game designing, character development or story board creation, 3D Modelling can really bring your subject to life . Many 3D tools like Maya or free ones like Open Source Blender are currently the most popular 3D tools.  
  • Importance in Multimedia : 3D Animation is an important element of multimedia. 3D basically enhances the images, texts, videos so as to make the story you are seeking to tell more life like.
  • Game Designing : Just like Illustration and Multimedia, 3D Modelling is imperative in making video games appear more realistic and attractive. It makes the video game characters appear more flesh and blood like. The more realistic the video game appears, the more appealing it becomes to viewers.
  • Making Pre Visuals More Attractive  : Pre visuals is a common practice in the film industry – especially in animation picture industry. This stage occurs between storyboarding and actual shooting. Many film companies in fact have entire departments dedicated to using both 3D as well as 2D techniques to bring the story alive. 3D tools like Electricimage is used to  make sophisticated and stylish 3D commercials.
  • Making Special Effects More Special : This hardly needs to be repeated here. In today’s world, 3D has become the life force of special effects. In fact according to many industry experts, to make it as a special effects artist, you need to have a good grasp of at least the basics of 3D modelling. Special effects artists with good knowledge of 3D tools like Maya, Houdini, 3Ds Max, Cinema4D, Lightwave etc are given more preference.
  • Broadcast & Motion Graphics : This is another area where 3D technology works its magic. 2D and 3D artists here work on features like turnaround, film openings, opening and closing credits, weather scenes etc.
  • Character Animation : This arguably is one of the most ( if not the most) popular area of 3D technology. 3D modelling is used frequently in liberal doses . In fact 3D has almost become a holy grail of animation industry. All those flesh and blood, close to life CG characters you see on screen? All of those are courtesy of 3D technology. In order to make it as an animator, you need to be fully aware of  recent development in the animation software industry ( and maybe master quite a few of those as well!) . You have to have a good knowledge about tools like 3DS Max and Cinima4D etc.
  • Product & Industrial Design : Most of the product and industrial design today are accomplished through 3D technologies like CAD ( computer aided design) . You should have a good grip on softwares like FormZ, Ehino 3D, AutoCad and Solidworks.
  • Architecture : This is another field where 3D technology works its magic. Architectural pre visuals are crafted by 3D experts which are used to promote building designs.

So as you can see, there’s no dearth of  good job opportunities if you master 3D Modelling. If you are a visionary and a creative at heart, with a wish to break out in the entertainment industry – especially character animation and graphic designing industry, then you can consider enrolling in the Ba (Hons) Multimedia & Web Development offered by Brainware University.

This is a one of a kind course which teaches you the nitty gritties of  Multimedia and Web development that includes, not just 3D modelling but also other exciting creative tools like Animation, Digital Sculpting, Digital Media Presentations and many more….. so if you are seriously considering a career/vocation in the creative industries, this can be the course for you!