Recruiters searching LinkedIn profile


Things recruiters search on your LinkedIn profile

Nowadays Linkedin has become one of the most popular ( as well as the fastest ways) of getting noticed, and hired. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for an internship, or a seasoned professional looking for a career change, a new job with greater responsibilities, Linkedin has become the go to medium for ambitious individuals from all backgrounds and all ages.


However just having a Linkedin profile ( though it is public) won’t fetch you your dream job. According to industry experts you have to highlight some features in order to get noticed by the headhunters. Linkedin can be a powerful tool to get yourself noticed and yes hired. Here we are sharing a few tips on how to catch a recruiter’s attention!


Recently Updated Photo : Believe it or not, along with qualifications, work experience etc, even your Linkedin photo should also be recent. Make sure you have a polished photo ( mugshot or full length) of yourself dressed professionally.


Academic Achievements : This is even more important if you are a student or a recent graduate. If you have little experience, then your GPA /Grade point average or marks obtained in your Btech/BCom/BA/BBA etc will matter. So if you have academic achievements such as being a rank holder, or topping a few semesters, have received any academic awards such as medals etc. This will undoubtedly catch the attention of recruiters!


Extracurriculars : Any debates you have won, any Not for profit volunteering you have done, any competitions won at fests, this is even more relevant for engineers if you have won tech fests.


Relevant Internships : This goes without saying.


Network Strength : Generally recruiters like to see a well connected individual. So the more networks you can display, the more recruiter eyeballs you will grab!


A crisp summary : Such a summary will define the current role you play, your corporate ethics , the essence as a professional. and also specialities.


Certifications: All industry relevant certifications you have achieved or completed till date.


Professional Achievement :  If you were promoted within a year, mention that, Like in college, mention awards won, achievements if any – leadership milestones, value addition etc. Moreover you have to display a consistent track record with increasingly senior roles.


Recommendations : Recommendations from colleagues, seniors and people from your industry will always be favourable. The more positive it is, the more attractive you will be to future employers, as they will see your ability to create a positive impact.