Top Reasons Why Good Grades Are Eluding You ( Despite Studying Hard)

Top Reasons Why Good Grades Are Eluding You ( Despite Studying Hard)

Reasons for your bad scores

Why you are failing to get good grades

The semester results have been declared. You are anticipating a good result as you have studied dedicatedly throughout the year. Yet the report card gives you a surprise. And not a good one.

You feel bewildered and shattered. How could this be?!! You had studied! You have been a dedicated student – staying up all night burning the midnight oil etc!!

As you will discover in this article, getting good marks is not a simple affair. Hard work and dedication is a must if you are targetting good marks, but is not always a guarantee for high scores. Read on to find out why .


Lack of Proper Time Management in Exam :  This is one of the top reasons why many students get far less marks than they aim and have prepared for. Proper time management is the key to score well in exams. If you waste too much time on one question and ignore others, if you fail to complete the paper on time, then your exam hall performance will be unsatisfactory, and so will your marks.


Lack of Clarity in Basic Concepts : Many students focus on rote learning or memorization of facts, without clearing the concepts. This adversely affects their performance in Graduation. In school levels dedicated rote learning lead to good marks, but memorization of facts without clearing the basic concepts of your discipline does not help in the long run. Think hard – did you struggle with the basic concepts of your discipline? If so, then your low marks in your exams is not surprising.


Wrong Choice of Course : This might sound uncomfortable and require you to do some basic soul searching. Ask yourself – did you really enjoy the course you enrolled in? Or were there external factors like parental pressure, peer pressure etc which led you to take this decision? Many students take up a particular course due to these factors and later discover that they have little to no interest or aptitude in that subject. If this your case, and you already messed up a semester – time has come to seriously reconsider your decision.


Lacklustre Presentation Skills : Think how a chef serves a meal. The meal is served in a way which looks appetizing doesnt it? If a dish doesnt look particularly appealing, or is served clumsily, you wouldn’t really want to eat it?

So if you have presented your answers in a lacklustre way – without a proper introduction, without making points, without highlighting the points, without providing a good conclusion, then no matter how much good content you have – it will all go down the drain.


Not consulting previous years question papers : Consulting previous years question papers can save you a world of pain and confusion. You will get a good idea of the question pattern and can start preparing accordingly. Questions may or may not be repeated but you will at least get a clear picture on which topics to prioritise on and which to leave.


Excess Nerves During Test : Displaying excess nerves during examination can actually deteriorate your exam hall performance. Nervousness and lack of confidence will affect your sense of cool and rationality and will make you unable to focus and think properly in the exam hall, leading to below par exam hall performance.



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