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Top 10 Features of Windows 11 you didn't knew

Top Features Of Windows 11 You Must Know

Top Features Of Windows 11 You Must Know

Top Features Of Windows 11 You Must Know

From hidden features to the major ones, Windows 11 has come up with a number of features. In this blog, the features will be discussed. Windows 11 has released major previews including Build 22000.51 and 22000.100, In October 2021, Microsoft released the first stable build of Windows 11 for the eligible users. 

As the windows 11 updates are rolling out in phases, the updates are coming to the newer devices first and then to the other compatible devices. Upgrading to Windows 11 is not mandatory, as of now and it will support the older operating systems till 2025. 

The features of Windows 11

1. Start Menu: With pinned and recommended apps, the new start menu has a new-launcher style. It helps the user to quickly access to documents or other apps. The user can hover the mouse over the start menu and it will show the suggested apps based on past searches. The best thing about this feature is, it resolves the queries very fast. 

2. Action Center: With the mobile-first approach, the revamped Action Center is extremely user-friendly. The brightness, volume, or Wifi can be controlled through this feature. The user can add more togglers if he/she wishes. It not only offers a faster Bluetooth connection, but the user also do not have to go to the Settings menu to pair a new device.  

3. File Explorer: After a modern makeover, the Eile Explorer now has new colorful icons, a new context menu, and a command bar replacing the existing ribbon menu bar. The Folder option is still there the user can get the old context menu by tapping on the “Show more options”

4. Microsoft Store: The new Microsoft store looks great as it is well-designed, build from the ground up, and supports Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java, and even Progressive Web Apps. Themes and Extensions for Microsoft Edge are also available. 

5. Universal Media Control: Windows 11 allows you to control all your media playback. Your activity on different platforms, be it YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, or a local platform, it will be shown in the Action Bar. 

6. Android Apps Support: Powered by the Amazon App Store, Windows 11 can now run Android Apps. Android apps will run both on AMD processors and Intel, irrespective of the Intel Bridge technology which brings this amazing feature to life.

7. Settings Apps: Windows has entirely revamped the Setting app for the very first time which has followed a mobile-driven design. With menus and sub-menus, the Settings page has been neatly categorised.  

8. Windows Update: Because of the background installation mechanism, Windows 11 has a faster update process. Microsoft is claiming that the process would be 40% smaller and more efficient. If an update installation is pending while restarting your PC, the estimated time required to complete the update will be shown which is a great feature. 

9. MS Paint, Photos, MS Office, Media Player: Microsoft has redesigned their first-party apps including one of the oldest apps, Paint. The Photos app has been designed and added new features such as side-by-side comparison, floating toolbar, smart categorization, and a lot more. To make the apps visually in sync with Windows 11, Microsoft has already started working on all Office apps. 

10. Gesture Controls: Though Gestures were there even in Windows 10, it was never very smooth for the users. With the mandatory precision touch pad and advanced gesture controls, it has become more user-friendly. 

Among a number of features, these 10 features are discussed with details to guide the users before switching their OS to Windows 11.

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