How To Make The Best of Your First Year at Engineering College

Life – or rather the rest of your life starts at college. The 4 years you spend at Engineering college – will shape your professional life to a large extent – the events you participated in, the contests you win, the reputation you build – the fields – academics or otherwise you excel at will by and large, determine the map of your career. So you must arrange to make the most of your engineering years right from first year.

So read on to find out, how to make the most of your engineering years, effortlessly!


Maintain Good GPA : We have said it before, and will say it once again – never ever underestimate the importance of GPA – or Grade point Average. GPA matters a lot – taking your GPA lightly will cost you dearly and you will face several difficulties in getting shortlisted by firms later on when you graduate. GPA is important as it is only through it that your employers can quantify your achievements.


Participate in Extracurriculars : Participating in debates, competition and sports will not only help you develop your leisure time constructively, it will also develop your leadership skills, and show to potential recruiters that you are a well rounded, person.


Develop Relations with the Faculty :  No we are not suggesting you become a brown noser! Developing good relations with the faculty is of the utmost importance. Maintaining a good academic record in college will become much easier – as the professors can become a mentor and a guide- helping you to follow the right path to a good GPA.


Develop Skills : Depending on your discipline – try to develope skills pertaining to your field.  Learn the latest coding language or programming language. An engineer who is out of touch with the latest technological developments is a failed engineer.