Get That Perfect GPA in Engineering

Study hard and get good GPA

The one  BIG lie you will ever hear ( probably from your seniors) is that marks don’t matter.

These three words are lies. Every one of em. Marks do matter. Period. If you want a decent internship , if you are looking for campus placements etc, then yes marks matter quite a lot. Most of the well reputed firms that visit the campus, have a minimum GPA cut off and if you do not meet the cut off, then you will not be allowed to sit for placements.

So gear up, and start preparing hard to get that perfect 9 oint GPA, or close to perfect 8 point GPA.  Below we will be providing some tips, you can follow to get those beautiful Straight A’s throughout your mark sheet.


Attend Classes : Make a point to attend all the classes. Even the ones you find boring or don’t particularly like. If you are in a semester system, then most of the material covered in the classes will be the ones that would come in the exams as your teachers would be the one setting the paper. Attend the classes and note down everything.

Study Regularly ; Many engineering graduates try to jugaad  their way through college  – and neglect studies for a long time and try to cram the entire syllabus some days before the exam. Set a study programme – and try to set a goal where you will cover each module through a stipulated amount of time.

Look Up Past Years Paper & Take Mocks : Practise never goes unrewarded. Try to solve as many questions from past papers and as many mock tests as possible. This way you will find a good pattern and figure out prospective questions that will be asked.

Clear Concepts : Don’t just try to mug things up. Try to understand the fundamentals and the practical applications as well. Come up with your own analysis.

Perform Well In Practicals : This is a must – as practical scores will add up to your aggregate.