How To Ace Engineering Exams

How To Ace Engineering Exams

How to clear engineering exams

Quite a lot of times before, we have emphasized the importance of having a good Undergraduate record. However in order to get that coveted good GPA – you have to score decent marks in your internals as well as externals . We will be sharing a few tips on how to secure the perfect score in your exams .


Clear Your Concepts : Concept is King here, honestly. The more grasp you have over your basics, the more  chances you will have of scoring well in examinations. Mindless mugging up without understanding the facts will never do.  At end of day – engineering is a technical discipline – so try to practically apply everything you learn.


Finish Your Syllabus at least a month before : Keep aside a month for revision and solving questions. Become thorough with your syllabus at least a month before. The best way to do this is to start early. Don’t leave studies pending until the very last day. Study one module/unit of the syllabus per day and you will be finishing the syllabus on no time.


Identify The scoring sections of the syllabus : There are a few sections of the syllabus which are relatively easier to score, and cover. Prioritize these subjects above others. You will reap the benefits later on.


Solve Previous Years Question Papers : If you are in a central or state university – non autonomous body – this becomes even more important. Perusal of previous years questions are very important – as they give you a good idea of the type of questions that can come and which topics to focus more on.


Work on your presentation : Presentation matters. A lot. Your beautifully crafted answer full of technical details will go to waste if you frame it in a presentable way – with good handwriting – underlining the bullet points etc.



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