Children’s Day Special : How Brainware Chisels The Future Of Children In The Right Way?

Children’s Day Special : How Brainware Chisels The Future Of Children In The Right Way?

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Children are the future
Nurture them right, so that they grow up to be able leaders.
And lead the world towards light.
Happy Children’s Day!

On 14th November, the nation celebrates the birth anniversary of our country’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The day is also known as Children’s Day and many educational institutions observe this day in their own way paying respect to Chacha Nehru. Pt. Nehru had dedicated years towards education to become a successful politician who is still remembered today. There are many educational institutes who follow his footsteps towards the enlightenment of students to become the pillars of the society.

Brainware truly believes in the principle that a student’s future must be secure and reduce unemployment. When it comes to children, Brainware think like parents and considers every student to be their priority. During this day every institute should take an oath of teaching the children in the right manner.

Brainware have been deeply involved in education for 28 years. During this journey they have created mark for many institutions for quality education. Since the inception of the university, they have introduced more than 80 job ready courses. The life inside the campus is not monotonous and the students relish a healthy lifestyle with the involvement in cultural programs, and also enjoy other amenities inside the campus.

There is a famous saying, “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression”. All should realise how important it is to keep an eye on the character development of the children. Brainware see kids as successful adults-in-the-making. They make sure, once the students pass out of the university, they are polished gems who do well in the future. In order to make it successful, there are various clubs like Entrepreneurship Club, Photography Club, Cine Club, Tech Club, Communication Club, and Innovation Club.

Brainware is just not an academic institution but also a place where you groom yourself from the very beginning. Along with studies, the university teaches social responsibilities and rightly observing Children’s Day for the future generation.


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