Quantum mechanics is a very emerging field of physics. Each and every day scientists are observing, manipulating, and controlling behaviours of particles at an atomic and sub-atomic scale to generate advanced next-generation technologies for computing, communicating, sensing, and modeling.

Many of recent progresses in laser, GPS, LED, and computer technologies rely on interaction of energy and substance at exceptionally small and distinct dimensions. This all lead to a great quantum revolution in the history of quantum mechanics.

Very soon, quantum computing will be a reality paving the way towards innovation of supercomputers with a huge increase in speed and power as well as problem solving methods. This will open the door of some dramatic innovation in many associated industries.

Another great possibility of such a quantum movement is that it will precisely simulate much larger and far interesting molecules as researchers form machines with more Qubits, and very significantly, better algorithm.

However, scientists are just on the verge of the beginning. With each phase passing, they are moving towards the revolution in quantum physics that will make the technology an all new reality with a dream. We are hopeful about the future success.