Best Career Oriented Courses

Best Career Oriented Courses

Media Science:

Media plays the role of a development agent in Indian society which is still developing compared to the Western world. Media is one of the largest industries in the world today.

Media Science is a degree course in the field of Mass Media. It means everything from radio, newspaper, television and the internet. This degree gained popularity in the 1980s but it has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Media Science can be treated as a general subject but specific areas such as advertising, Public Relations, Event Management, etc. are also covered by it.

Pharmaceutical Science

BPharm | DPharm

Pharmaceutical Science is the branch of health sciences that deals with the preparation and dispensing of drugs. It combines a broad range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. It is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that aims to integrate fundamental principles of physical and organic chemistry, biochemistry and biology to understand how to optimize delivery of drugs to the body and translate this integrated understanding into new and improved therapies against human disease.  The scope of pharmacy practice includes more traditional roles  such as compounding and dispensing of medications, and it also includes more modern services related to health care including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug informations.



A degree in Law has always been among the most widely respected courses to study at university. For many, a law degree is the first step along the path to a career in the legal sector, often followed by the further study and training needed to become a practicing solicitor or barrister. However, this is certainly not the only reason to study law at university. Law degrees are notoriously challenging, and for many students, the attraction lies in the unique combination of human interest and intellectual stimulation provided.

LL.B. is the most common law degree offered and conferred by Indian universities which has a duration of three years. Almost all law universities follow a standard LLB. LLM is a postgraduate degree in law. Master of Law or LLM course offered at Indian colleges/ universities is of two years duration. BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws) is a professional integrated law course which is suitable for students who want to become a lawyer, an advocate, a legal advisor, or want to make a career in law and judiciary. Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BBA LLB) is a five-years course on completion of which the aspirants are offered a professional degree.


In clinical terms Optometry is a health care profession that involves examining the eyes and associated visual systems for defects or abnormalities as well as the correction of refractive error with glasses or contact lenses.

Recent statistics show that every third blind person in the world is an Indian. There are millions of other people suffering from various kinds of  vision defects. Optometry is the right career option for those who are interested in alleviating human suffering. In an overly populated country like India.There is a severe lack of qualified optometrists. At present, there is a shortage of around 116,000 trained optometrists. With the growth of healthcare in India and the increase in allotment of revenue optometry is also  an excellent career choice for students who want to have a lucrative career in health.


Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is an allied health profession that makes use of bio – mechanics or kinesiology, manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy, to help patients restore, maintain and increase their physical mobility, strength and function.

Hospitals and clinics generally prefer a degree in Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) more than  a  B.Sc degree since the former is more rigorous and clinical practice oriented which is desirable for hospitals. If students are unsure whether this is the right career for them then they can opt for a diploma course(one year) which will help them understand the basis of the subject and open the door for further development. On the other hand students who find themselves fascinated with the subject and desire to learn more can enroll for the two-year Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) program.

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