Habits for achieving good GPA

Habits for getting good GPA

Let’s face it college is not the same as school. While college or University is certainly more ‘’fun’’ – a great opportunity to ”discover” yourself, to make friends, and have a jolly good time in general, you also have to keep in mind of maintaining a good college GPA . Like it or not marks do matter quite a lot., at least initially. While your GPA is not the be all or end all and extra curriculars like leadership positions held, projects done, volunteer work, etc does count – without valid work experience – CGPA is the first thing prospective employer will judge you on.


So in order to avoid getting a low GPA – these are the following habits, you must avoid.


All Nighters : Sorry college grad – sitting down with your notes  the night before the examination just won’t cut it. College courses are in general more demanding – and last minute prep, is generally not sufficient. The day before the exam should be used for revision and not learning new materials. Students who are aiming for good results ordinarily finish the syllabus at least a month before exam.


Memorizing & Rote Learning : In good old high school days all it took (usually) to get good grades was to learn material by heart and vomiting it out on exam paper. In college, mere knowing the material is not enough. You have to learn to apply it to real life situations. Juts memorizing what the teacher has provided you won’t get you an A or even a B.


Not Taking Deadlines Seriously : College is actually a reflection of professional world. You hand in a project late – it will lead to deduction of considerable points. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential not to leave your project till last minute.


If you want to succeed at University – then treat it like a job.